Thursday, May 24, 2012

National Natural Hair Meetup Day - Boston, May 2012

Hey all! So, here are a few impressions from my experience at Boston's National Natural Hair Meetup Day event. First of all, the event was PACKED! Did I say packed? Child, it was overflowing with naturals up in there. I couldn't even get into the room when I first arrived. I just kinda stood outside staring, as I pulled my jaw up off the floor. Who knew Boston had such a vibrant natural hair community?!

I shot a little bit of video footage while I was there. Unfortunately, it was way too dark in there to really capture anything well. Next time maybe I'll think to bring a full lighting kit...or at least a flashlight to shine on the adorable sistas who took a moment to share some thoughts on camera.

I took a few photos here and there as well. The event took place both on the second floor of Market (a local bar/club) and on the roofdeck. The weather was perfect for a little outdoor party, so I spent quite a bit of time on the roofdeck chillin and taking in the diverse hair, clothing and makeup styles folks were rocking.

Of course I neglected to get a good picture of my own outfit to share with you all. Boooooo to me. I did grab a quick flic of my feet though:

I wore the jeans and wedges with this H&M sweater:

Most of this look can be found on my Pinterest boards, so feel free to follow me over there if you're interested.  

That's all folks. Overall, I had a good time meeting some of Boston's natural hair community and will definitely keep a lookout for future events. Did any of you attend a #NNHMD event in your area?


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pressed again for trim. Picts!

I decided to press it to trim it again. It had been since Feb 15th, when I last pressed my hair and I desperately needed a trim.  There were a few sunny days coming up on the forecast so I went for it late Wednesday night last week. I used the same process and products as last time and I trimmed off about 1/4 - 1/2 inch all over.

What I did not consider is how busy I would be during the weekend!!  I had friends in town from Boston and a jam packed, sleepless schedule ahead.  I slept in my clothes and makeup several times lol.  I even ended up cooking on the charcoal BBQ grill for several hours on Saturday! So needless to say- I was NOT feeling the pressed hair in terms of upkeep! I only slept in curlers for one night, and the curl fell quickly thereafter, nary to return again.  I ended up bunning for almost the entire weekend, but I came up with the Meagan Good (or maybe Kerri Hilson) inspired bang thingy and rocked that for several days.  I only had to pop a curler in front- for as little as an hour before heading out.

So here are the picts. It's definitely grown a lot (APL in places) and the new color is actually a bit subdued while straight.
Party Time!  Graduation cookout on Sat with my best homies and Jemima's family!
I plan to RUN home and wash it today. It's been raining for the past few days and I have lost control of the press. I'm soooo done with it!

And..... I got my bottom braces!! Monday. And curse them!! They hurt.  I got blue bands so that I could see the bracket placement easily and embrace the metal I had to get on the bottom (vs the ceramic on top).  
They are alllllllll over the place and I clearly have a long ways to go.  
Teeth are twisted that I didn't even know were twisted.  sigh.  
I am also slowly starving to death, though I am no longer in pain when I'm just sitting still today lol.  But my teeth don't meet properly if at all any more already.  and I hit the bottom brackets with my top teeth if I'm not careful (ouch!) and.... I have a lisp, because making the "S" sound hurts the worst.  Awesome.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I need a trim!

It's funny- the little knots seem to crop up exactly after 8 weeks.  It's been almost 12. I used to ignore them and try to prevent them but ever since I have been trimming often- since last fall- they are gone, until they are back. I don't just live with them any more as in long hair days past.

I have to decide if I want to press to trim.  I really only want to take 1/4 inch off, and my shape is good, so cutting wet may not work any more. BUT I just colored a few weeks ago so I dunno how I feel about pressing, even though the last two times I escaped unscathed.  You never know with pressing! My confidence has increased due to my new iron that has a heat setting I can see and set to 320. And my discovery of beeswax as my pressing and maintenance aid has been priceless. If I do press it will be in the next few days.  If I trim curly I'll wait until the weekend.

Meanwhile I went camping last weekend and had a great time with some friends and my brother. I just wore a head wrap the whole time to keep any of the various (and numerous!) bugs from making a new home on my head.  I got bit up on my hands and one leg though :-(

  I also went out a few times over the past few weeks.  Here's what I wore one day. I thought I was so very clever. It's a skirt from H&M and a shirt from JCPenny  :-)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Featured! on Glamazini!!

One of my (and yours I'm sure!) top 3 favorite bloggers is preparing to big chop her natural hair down to super TWA. Roshini of Glamazini has been debating cutting her hair for quite some time and is sending off her long hair in a flourish of playful style changes. She did a hard press recently and will be posting soon about shaving one side of her head! I have been watching eagerly, as I just recently posted my friend Alicia and her decision to cut her 6yr old locks back to twa.
As usual women (particularly black women who have long, real hair) are met with what can be seen as pure hostility when we decide to cut our hair short.  Like on some HOW COULD YOU type feedback lol.  The thing is, once you've grown out a head or two of long hair, you become confident you can do it again and thus it simply becomes an option rather than a goal. And as life has it, some options are just more attractive for different reasons at different times.

I cut my hair in 2010 because it was so long that I was neglecting it and resenting it, and had thus developed another unhealthy relationship with my hair. My girl cut hers because she had locks straining her edges for many years and had a new baby girl with a head full of curls. What better time than to re-boot and enjoy loose hair on the both of them? And Roshini has her own reasons (partially, she is also expecting a baby boy!) but because she shared publicly her deviation from taking the utmost care with her long hair she got a strong dose of the "how could you's!!" from the interwebs. These sentiments came in the form of confusion, condemnation, condescension, and a lot of shortsightedness. I mean if she is planning to cut it, she may as well have died it cotton candy pink and shaved the back, side, and, oh hell - why not... got a texturiser lol. < I kid.  kinda.  heck not?

Anyway I sent her a response to her inquiry about other ladies big chopping long natural hair and she featured me!!  :-) I feel like I'm on TV lol.

I've done a big chop and a medium, but pretty major, chop in the past few years. I have also resorted to holding the shape of my hair above the length of it, as that is what allows me to truly wash and go when I need to.  No more hair being the boss of me! Check out the feature and subscribe to her posts. 

My hair is already back to arm pit length, but now I trim it regularly and the shape is holding.  So I don't retain so much length and I've even colored it recently. Shoot, I've even been pressing it lol. If I need to cut it after being so "reckless", I will.  I'm just enjoying my hair and what I can do with my texture. 

But please- grow a head full of long hair if you want to see what its like.  It is pretty cool.  Just know- you can always leave it on the floor and walk away from it when you are ready to, too. <(you like that double to).

Friday, May 4, 2012

High Puff - 5 days

I washed my hair this past Saturday and wore it out and stretched for the day.  and as of this morning I had not wet it or detangled since O_O
Again, I used some old product hiding in the dark of my pantry- Garnier's Pure Clean gel. It promises no flakes, no build up.  Lies.  It has a decent hold, not extra strong as they claim, and it also has a funny smell.  The texture seems so promising though- like a serum.  But alas, it just dries... normal.  And that's all I have to say about that.

But Sunday I put it up in a high puff. And there it sat until this morning.  And when I say there it sat... I mean I did not take it down.  I literally pineappled my hair that night- woke up and it looked good like that so I left it. lol. I slept on it (silk pillow cases mmmm), woke up, got in the shower, smoothed the damp edges with my hands and went. day after day lol.  But I took these pictures last night- on the 5th day. Aside from tangles beginning to form, and some product flakes, it looked quite alright.

But WHEN did this happen??   I am back at arm pit length already O_O  Proof that it will grow back! I am not yet overwhelmed by it and the shape is good so I will let it grow for now.  I plan to press it (myself) again in mid-late May and do a very small trim. My ends are quite alright at the moment in fact.  Not many knots at all ~11 weeks post trim.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So sick of this...

I do not even want ya'll to listen to this song. ever. in life.
But alas- I hereby admonish Mr. Benet, of previously sordid reputation, for this step off the final ladder rung into the land of the obsolete.

Does he not know what he's done in putting the little goblin on the track? Does he not know?
Which begs me to ask... do MEN not know?

I have been called a redbone, in the context of a compliment, as recently as a few months ago. I wish I could shoot daggers from my eyeballs in real life.

I hope Mr. Benet receives feedback in the form of brimstone.

*Edited to add*
omg I just scrolled down and found the Brian Mcknight song from his "adult mixtape" (no I am not even linking it!! lol) And, now...... now I am like what's going on?  Am I being punked?  Are we all being punked? LOL

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