Friday, November 20, 2009

"I love my hair" -Picts of my Fab Natural Friend

FNF: I'm going to have to put it out there today
I love my hair
it's doing wonders today!
me: :-)
still twisted?
FNF: yes
me: I wanna see!
FNF: it's fun!!!
me: yey natural hair! thats YOURS
FNF: it is mine!!!!
I used your idea for "stretching"
and it worked
me: oo the high pony?
FNF: I'm sending a pic (or two)
me: tee hee. take a bunch. I can post em on my blog
lol- aww you look all happy. they look swingy!
your skin is flawless too!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cute Curly Twists

I decided to twist it up after wearing my hair shrunken and slathered with conditioner for a few days. It was still feeling very nice and floofy, so I decided to twist it up as it was. I didn't part it nor fully detangle each section. Just kinda twisted it up with its floofy/kinkyness intact. It came out as these curly twists, reflecting the curl of the hair in the shapes of the twists. It looks pretty cute I think. I'm on day 5 now. I wear it in a high ponytail at night to keep it a little stretched and I use some .99 cent Mega Care "grape seed oil" on the twists daily and on my scalp every 2 days. I'm loving that I don't need rod curlers to achieve this.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair chat of the week, ecostyler vs KCCC

FNF (fabulous natural friend): best video
FNF: (Link:
FNF: check it out
FNF: Kinky curly vs Eco styler
FNF: lol
FNF: girl does half and half
FNF: side beside comparison
ME: I think I saw this
FNF: her hair is similar to ours too
FNF: well like yours
FNF: x-(
FNF: can't wait for the hair to grow
FNF: feels soooo short now
ME: it's NOT
FNF: except for the fact that it is
FNF: lol
FNF: it's shoulder length
FNF: I guess I shouldn't complain
FNF: just want more
FNF: do you use regular or Olive oil
FNF: eco styler
ME: no- the pink one
FNF: wow there are sooo many
FNF: lol
ME: her hair is kinda thin
FNF: same as mine
FNF: sort of
ME: her first side is the kinky curly?
ME: she shingling her whole head
FNF: other side is ecostyler
FNF: to me it was more
FNF: $26 vs $4
FNF: lol
ME: i do my head in 4s. thats it now adays
ME: yeah for real I'll take the ecostyler please
ME: i'm re-unconverted
FNF: lol
FNF: I want to try it now
FNF: but I have to do my twist first!!!!
ME: plus the stickiness of the KC is whack
FNF: or maybe I should do it tonight
FNF: and do my twist Sunday
ME: gotta wash ur wrists and neck after
FNF: man
FNF: u ain't never lie
FNF: I hate that crap
FNF: next expensive item is the curly custard
FNF: from Lovely
ME: yeah- and i don't feel bad using tons of eco cause it so cheap
ME: her hair is way thinner than urs and not as curly as either of us I think
FNF: I thought it was press damage
FNF: on top
FNF: the back look like ours a lil
ME: yeah it looks like it
ME: ours would raise up as it dry
FNF: right
FNF: completely rise
FNF: lol
FNF: I'm twisting the hair
FNF: came to the conclusion
ME: lol
FNF: just now
FNF: looking for a blowdryer next

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rocking the shrinkage

Just conditioner as leave in this week. Nice shrunken shape with a headband. I don't mind :-) sometimes you can sculpt it into a nice shape, and mimic the relaxed bob shapes of days past.

The real deal- lol (pic from July blow out)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hair Chat of the week

After my post yesterday I said to myself- you know, I have tons of conversations every week about hair- culture, styling, products etc. SO... I will post the best conversation from every week. Here is the best convo from last week :-) My post-chat additions are in RED.

Fabulous Natural Friend (FNF): did i already mention how the whole theater turned and stared at my hair when the lights came on after "Good Hair" the other day?

ME: lol- musta been great

ME: cause no one like you or me was in that whole film

FNF: and i was wearing my "I heart my hair" tshirt

FNF: lol

FNF: that was SO annoying

FNF: i need part 2 of the movie

FNF: with all natural chics

FNF: and the dudes who sweat us

ME: seriously

ME: even the girl in there had extensions

FNF: so wack

ME: our movie could have us swimming and working out, going out, dancing and looking diva, with our fine men like- weave? who has time for weave?

ME: my girl spent $70 to get her hair "pressed" it lasted 12 hrs and she washed it lol

FNF: yup!

FNF: oh geeeez

FNF: that part in the flic where homegirl was talking about not being taken seriously and not taking someone seriously in a professional environment if they had a big ole afro

FNF: i literally started yelling in the theater

ME: oh those girls

FNF: the next day i was having a convo with a sista who was showing me a natural hair website (she's on the creamy crack)

FNF: and she said the SAME thing

FNF: i'm trying to remember the website tho

FNF: cuz i was gonna send it to you

FNF: something about coil...

FNF: oh here it is

FNF: (Link: image we were discussing is GONE :-(

ME: yes!

FNF: homegirl's layers are PERRRRRRRRRFECT

FNF: i need to print this out, go to the salon and be like DO THIS

ME: i drool over that main pic

ME: I decided I am going to the dude in NY (Hair Rules- Anthony Dickey)

ME: grow until then and then just let him go with it

FNF: when are you going?

ME: the first week in Feb most likely

FNF: oh wow

ME: i'm just going to save for it from now to make it not so bad

FNF: yeah, i gotta get it cut before that

FNF: been trimming here and there myself

FNF: but i haven't had it cut properly since May 08

FNF: lol

ME: yeah - I um... cut mine myself so if that counts. its been since March or April

FNF: wait, is this real?

FNF: (Link:

FNF: yes

ME: her curls are loose though

ME: very pretty- color too

ME: she has a good hair shape too. i think i like mine shorter in front. for the shape of my head/face

ME: kinda why i wanna see this dude. i think he could look at a head/face and optimize it

FNF: yeah, i def need mine shorter in front

FNF: i hadn't trimmed the front for months. couldn't figure out why my hair was looking terrible

FNF: cut MAD inches off the front

FNF: brand new hair

ME: ari told me he likes my hair off my face. but that... i'm not sure i can do

ME: i do get compliments on the low puff a lot though

ME: all off the face

FNF: yup. looks good on you.

FNF: i don't like it on me tho.

ME: my hair doesn't like to do it

ME: it's really forward facing if at all spirited

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Roller set = Fail. Recycled chat convo.

Here is me and one of my girls chatting yesterday. I know I'm lazy for posting this way- lol!

10:49 AM me: I have to post on Jason's Green silkener. my new BFF

friend: is it cheap?

me: I mentioned when I got it and have been digging it ever since

it was when I got it- was on clearence- $6 each

I got 3

10:50 AM I think it's usually like $20

friend: at the store

me: I'll be pissd when I run out

friend: or online?

me: store near work

Pure beauty. they are not carrying Jason line anymore

so blew out what they had left

I went back and got 2 more

10:52 AM friend: sounds like a true deal!!!

10:53 AM me: yeah! the ingredients are the bomb

and it layers perfectly under gel

smells minty and fresh

10:54 AM

10:55 AM damn $24

it was 75% off

10:58 AM I have to post a FAILED roller set too

wasted maaad time- came out like crap lol

10:59 AM friend: really

what happened?

me: I did single twists with twisty rods at the ends

took em out the next am- the ends were not curled and the moment I tried to take the twists apart- supreme frizz

11:00 AM friend: ooooo

me: fail. Ari was like I TOLD u to blow it out first lol

I was like nooooo blowdryer!

friend: lol

me: gotta try something else

11:01 AM I guess I don't have that kinda hair

copying a twist and curl set

11:02 AM friend: right

I do NOT have picts of the final result lol!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Flax seed gel results- from the summer.

Over the summer I made home-made flax seed gel. I had to try it twice. The first time I boiled the loose seeds directly in the water. I used some cotton cloth to strain them and it was a pain in the neck! So the second batch I made by putting the seeds into the cotton and boiling it like a huge tea bag. However, I still found that the seeds held their gooey output close to them and the majority of the good stuff had swelled into the "bag" and not out. So I squeezed and squeezed and got about 8 oz out of the whole process. It reminded me very much of Kinky Curly's consistency. However, in my hair it only provided shine and some slip. No hold. Here was my hair after it dried. In retrospect the results were very much like Curls, Gel-les'c.

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