Monday, November 16, 2009

Hair chat of the week, ecostyler vs KCCC

FNF (fabulous natural friend): best video
FNF: (Link:
FNF: check it out
FNF: Kinky curly vs Eco styler
FNF: lol
FNF: girl does half and half
FNF: side beside comparison
ME: I think I saw this
FNF: her hair is similar to ours too
FNF: well like yours
FNF: x-(
FNF: can't wait for the hair to grow
FNF: feels soooo short now
ME: it's NOT
FNF: except for the fact that it is
FNF: lol
FNF: it's shoulder length
FNF: I guess I shouldn't complain
FNF: just want more
FNF: do you use regular or Olive oil
FNF: eco styler
ME: no- the pink one
FNF: wow there are sooo many
FNF: lol
ME: her hair is kinda thin
FNF: same as mine
FNF: sort of
ME: her first side is the kinky curly?
ME: she shingling her whole head
FNF: other side is ecostyler
FNF: to me it was more
FNF: $26 vs $4
FNF: lol
ME: i do my head in 4s. thats it now adays
ME: yeah for real I'll take the ecostyler please
ME: i'm re-unconverted
FNF: lol
FNF: I want to try it now
FNF: but I have to do my twist first!!!!
ME: plus the stickiness of the KC is whack
FNF: or maybe I should do it tonight
FNF: and do my twist Sunday
ME: gotta wash ur wrists and neck after
FNF: man
FNF: u ain't never lie
FNF: I hate that crap
FNF: next expensive item is the curly custard
FNF: from Lovely
ME: yeah- and i don't feel bad using tons of eco cause it so cheap
ME: her hair is way thinner than urs and not as curly as either of us I think
FNF: I thought it was press damage
FNF: on top
FNF: the back look like ours a lil
ME: yeah it looks like it
ME: ours would raise up as it dry
FNF: right
FNF: completely rise
FNF: lol
FNF: I'm twisting the hair
FNF: came to the conclusion
ME: lol
FNF: just now
FNF: looking for a blowdryer next

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