Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wash n Go season! Impending hair cut.

It's wash and go season! I have already been attempting my regular old wash and go style for a few weeks and my ends are terrible! I'm developing horrible hands in hair syndrome! The little knots drive me crazy. It looks ok, and is mostly soft but I need a serious trim/cut. I will go for an appt next week, and also decide on getting new highlights. Here's how it's been looking (one shot is a length check).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Year old Highlights

Wet Hair below

Here are some recent images of my highlights in the sun. I did them almost a year ago, last June. I have some serious inner growth, but I like them a lot now. Trying to figure out if I'm skilled enough to do my own roots only...

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm a homeowner!

I have been MIA for good reason. I just closed on my first home today! It's an older home in a historic neighborhood slated for tons of new retail in a newly designated arts district. Perfect for me, the artist!

I wore my hair in a triple low buns for closing today and it was the least of my worries. I have a lot of product I don't plan on taking with me, and I will be giving anything that is more than half full, away to friends and any other takers. Funny thing is- the products that are more than half full were those that were total failures. I'm not sure I'd even mislead anyone into the bad ingredients or broken promises they offer. The other interesting divide amongst the products is their origins on the regular store shelves at a CVS vrs special orders from the natural and curly hair fortress. I definatly have favorites and as part of my new financial plan, will limit my future spending to the tried and true.

I'm posting from my iPhone (lol- love this thing!) so not many Picts today! But I'll get back to them.

However, I do have a random tangent that's tickling my sci-fi fancy (if only I had time to do some writing):
I was thinking the other day- watching the mrs America pagent- about how and when the most coveted hair became blonde and long... It's odd. It's like- usually lacking more pigment than the skin even has. 4 of the runner ups had blonde hair, styled similarly which melded them all, except for the winner, into a pack of pagent contestents. But what IF... What if one day the coveted hair became jet black, cottony masses of hair? Would a group of natural black women meld together into a mass of pretty women? I think not. But is that just because I don't fathom that we possibly all look alike?

Evidence A= all the coil review videos lol. Nah.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My mom is so Fly. Happy Mother's day!

My mom is the flyest woman I know. My mom was so fly at my age, I can't even dream of keeping up! Now she is still the most put together woman I know when she steps out of the house. She knows how to put an outfit, hair and makeup together. She is dodging time and age with the deftness of an trained athlete. As a mom, she instilled in me the values of keeping a family together- putting being a mom first, and all else a cohesive second. I love her very much and I miss not living closer to her, being able to hang out and have our girl time like we used to.

Happy Mother's day mom!!

And when I tell you how fly she is- I have pictures to back it up. Check out my mom's sense of style and class. And of coarse she has fabulous hair. I get it from my mama!

At my high school graduation.

Mom in Barbados.

The curls!

And here she is at my age. Looking like a model.

My mom and her father in GA.

My mom and dad on their wedding day. cute.

The jacket game was sick! lol

and Happy Mother's day to my Grandma! This is my mom's mom- where my mom gets her flyness from :-)

Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm so ashamed... Hello, my name is

...Nia. And I am a Product Junkie.

I am the junkie of all junkies. I have more than one- 3 and 4 of things- similar if not the same things. 1 off things, small things, big things, mostly full things of hair product that I mostly do not use.

This pile began because I'm moving this month, and I began to pack up the dark and overlooked shelves of my apartment. I figured I could fit all of my hair products into a small box, but then I kept finding more stuff, and more stuff... and more stuff.

I have at least one of all stuff that were ever hair stuff. I think I have tried almost everything in the universe. Once I force myself to sort through all this, (tonight!) maybe my favorite products will finally take the spotlight and assert themselves in a rotation of sorts. I have said in the past that I have no routine, and perhaps this is why :-/
It's like a little city.

Just this past week I flipped and decided I was tired of gel, and had been wearing my hair fluffy, and then pulled back. I have not co-washed in days. I have no idea what I'll do with it tomorrow for my boyfriend's graduation from law school. Maybe I'll find inspiration shuffling though these products.

Do you recognize these bottles and caps ladies? If so, you too may be a product junkie. I try not to encourage this behavior, so I tend to only review products when I have a strong feeling about them. But as you can see, I have tried everything! My hair generally tells me what it wants, and different products have different uses, and mix with other products to make yet new products.

I'll def have to post a follow up to this exposure of my behavior.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Staple Style

I just can not escape this style. I have been wearing my hair like this for as long as I could catch a ponytail after BC #1. I come back to it whenever I'm rushing for work, have no time to wash and go, or not time to de-tangle. Thus it's sort of lazy and sort of protective, but not really either lol. Alas. I find myself doing it this week again. Yesterday I did the old standby- a side part, and huge flat twist on the big side, and a roughly gathered tangled knot bun to the back, right side.

Today, again, I didn't de-tangle the back but I took down the "bang" area and did 4 single twists. I used another old standby- Garnier Fructis Style Soft Curl Cream, which I now get on Amazon because I can not find it in stores. Its super thick, gives a nice shine and hold and smells great. It only works on my edges and ponytails though, like a thick, tacky gel. It's all much smoother today because it had been trained straight by yesterday's style. I like the twists in front for the texture. The whole style is kind of like the bump in front look that has been popular lately.

The nappy knott just gets bigger and bigger!!!

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