Thursday, October 10, 2013

Twist and Go?

I've been doing my hair at night lately and calling it a "wash and go" even though I do all sorts of extra stuff to it. lol.  Not just the "dingle coils" but like big huge twists left to begin drying overnight. Most of the time they don't come anywhere close to drying, but sometimes... sometimes they semi dry at the root and ends.  And I get this twistout/wash & go hybrid.

But this is how it starts. Ha. My soaking wet, sectioned, freshly washed and detangled hair.  I use a light leave in, lately just some Infusium to coat my hair thoroughly, and then I go through each section with a small palmful of castor oil.

THEN here is the fun part.  I open each twist back up and work in a generous amount of WetLine extreme gel, using my fingers to smooth it through.  I then retwist and move on to the next section.  I don't really consider it a twist out because the twists are so monstrously huge, and only dry about 30%.  When I take them out, it's very much like shaking out a wash & go, but the roots are a little dry, so the direction the hair falls is set.
The pictures below are from the end of the next day.  When i first take the twists apart, I just kind of shake them loose.  They are wet enough that my hair still has a lot of movement and thus a lot of shrinking to do.  A LOT of shrinking :)
I'm happy to report that with the hold of the gel, this set lasts a week solid with little tangling. I just sleep on my silk pillow case, and sometimes put it in a ponytail.

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