Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Birthday hair! I went with a press with new products.

I decided to press my hair for a change of pace.  I wasn't sure about it since I just pressed it in November, blew it out in January and I wasn't liking the health of the lightened ends.  I cut about an inch off while I had it blown out, So I haven't gained any real length since November.   But it does look a lot better as the bulk of it grows back into my dark color.

I made a new batch of my beeswax pomade, using avocado oil instead of castor oil, and I used a different batch of winning products for the roller set.

For my leave in I used Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk. I'd heard great things about the line, and when I saw it at my local target I read all the ingredients.  I avoid coconut oil at all times, and I needed to avoid glycerine for the press.  Bingo. I out my hair in 8 big twists and let it dry about 80%. It seems like a very moisturizing leave in.

The next step was to roller set it.  I skipped the oil/beeswax this time and instead used my regular Nubian Heritage Heat Protect Keratin Wrap mouse (a foam). AND I used Neutrogena's Triple Repair Fortifying Leave in on the ends.  I love, love love this stuff.  It is a very thick cream. It protects hair up to temps of 400 degrees.  I set it on the Orange hard plastic rollers and it dried in an hour.

Here were the results!
I was actually able to wrap it without pressing it further! I wore the roller set hair to work the next day, but since I'd brushed it all out I realized I would not get the longevity to make it to birthday weekend, so I decided to continue on with the press that evening.
 Here is the pressed result.  I used a dab more of the Neutrogena leave in for each section, and when I was done I applied the beeswax pomade all over:
As you can see, most of the lighter ends from a year ago are gone now. It def grew a lot, though it's about the same length now as it was late last year.

So here was my birthday look:
My guy took me to dinner and then, somehow he'd retained the fact that Amel Larrieux is my favorite artist and surprised me with the late show. A great v-day/b-day :D

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Hair extended through the week with updoes

A few weeks ago my home girl in the front of the pic below (she's sporting a nice twistout BTW) had a birthday party at a club and I wanted to wear my hair out big and curly. I did a wash and go, but went easy on the gel, which means I had volume, but usually I have to de-tangle and start over after 3 days.  The frizz and knots take over if I don't use a lot of gel to keep the curls defined as separate.

Here is a documentation of the wear of this lightly set wash and go over the days.

Here is day 3. The frizz has begun to set in but in this super cold weather I wasn't ready to wet it again so soon.

The end of day 4. The frizz has taken over.

The rest of the picts are various updoos I did on days 5-7.  I let it get damp in the shower and then did loose flat twists to create a way to pull the rest of it up.

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