Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Hair extended through the week with updoes

A few weeks ago my home girl in the front of the pic below (she's sporting a nice twistout BTW) had a birthday party at a club and I wanted to wear my hair out big and curly. I did a wash and go, but went easy on the gel, which means I had volume, but usually I have to de-tangle and start over after 3 days.  The frizz and knots take over if I don't use a lot of gel to keep the curls defined as separate.

Here is a documentation of the wear of this lightly set wash and go over the days.

Here is day 3. The frizz has begun to set in but in this super cold weather I wasn't ready to wet it again so soon.

The end of day 4. The frizz has taken over.

The rest of the picts are various updoos I did on days 5-7.  I let it get damp in the shower and then did loose flat twists to create a way to pull the rest of it up.

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  1. I like the up-do style with the curls still hanging down. Very pretty!


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