Friday, September 17, 2010

Braid and Curl Fail. Big plans for the weekend!

Soooooooo... this is not working! LOL. Braid n curl and twist and curl sets, without a hooded dryer, have not been working as of late. Especially now that my hair is shorter, for some reason it just does not dry.

I tried it from wet. Nowhere near dry in the AM- laughable.

I tried it from dry- and just lightly misted my hair. No- still completely damp... like... even more damp than it was when I went to bed.

Makes me wonder if I have some sort of porosity issues. I dunno. Just a royal waste of time!

Damp, frizzy hair after 45 min of "setting"and 9 hours of "drying"- yey!

I tried to salvage it for work- tucked the frizzy back away into a rolled pony.

And this was the best area below, that had dried the most, so I left it out. Cute, but not what I was going for.... not like my braid and curl from a while back.


So I also have fallen OUT of love with these super bright highlights, which seem so much lighter when my hair is not shrunken. My co-worker asked if I'd dyed my hair this week, but she never noticed it when I actually did highlight my hair almost 3 months ago. I think maybe they could be getting lighter over time? Though I do remember noting a few bright spots from day one.

My plan is to get a reddish brown at home gloss to try and tone it down without coloring my hair over. Then I may take more drastic measures to change it, depending on how it looks and how fast it fades. I also read somewhere that if you notice you are wearing MORE makeup after you color your hair, you have done the wrong thing. I certainly HAVE been wearing blush and lip stains almost daily, neither of which I wore much before. They say the color should bring out out skin tone, yet I feel I am washed out most days and need a "flush" of color that is missing. The color's fault? Maybe... It's an ashy blondy tan... I think I need a coppery reddish thing going on with my yellow skin lol.

Also... I was looking at old blog posts and my skin was in horrid condition last year this time. It's soooo much better, though not perfect and still speckled with fading scars. I think I may take some "after" pictures to just put it all out there. I was really suffering with my acne and it may be helpful for someone to hear what I did to stop it and what I do for my face now. I mean, my face and my hair are pretty close to each other ;-)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gratuitous Curliness

I was so smitten with my hair last week! I shot these close ups of what it was doing. I'd deep conditioned with moisture maniac overnight and for half a day. When I rinsed it out, I denman shingled my hair with Curls Souffle, castor oil and Eco styler gel. My hair was super coily and moist and displaying coils all over the place for several days. My hair doesn't often coil. In these pictures you can see the different sizes and shapes of the curls, combined with my color. ♥ my hair :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A little styling and a Puff- REMIX w/ flowers

Yep- I got lazy. No braid and curl. I sprayed my puff from yesterday with water, added some shea butter. Combed it through with my shower comb. Then I took some IC Fantasia "Olive oil green variety" gel and used a finishing brush to pull it all to one side and made my good ole nappy knot (here too). Today it was a "flower" however, and I took the ends of two of my twists and coiled them into a smaller "flower" to keep it company. I used two pins to hold the small flower.

One day I will buy or make some real flower accessories. Once I get over feeling too un-girly for such adornments lol.

and one shot of the other side.

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