Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fan of Tamika's Natural Hair Styles

Ever since I saw that video featuring Tamika Fletcher creating a few quick styles on her own hair I have been noting a buzz forming around her salon (Natural Resources in TX) and methodology.

So I got encouraged to try an updo on my curly wash&go hair vs blown out hair.  Here was the result of one of her signature styles.  I posted it on Instagram and she responded! :-) Make sure you follow them on Instagram as well! @naturalrsalon

I thought it turned out pretty great and would certainly do variations of this on older wash&Goes. I did not enjoy the previous experience of blowing out my hair for styling purposes though lol.

The accessory I am using, that Tamika likes, is available by Scunci at stores everywhere (called a Upsizing Double Comb.)  OR you can get a bunch here online.

I took this pic too (as I was clicking away in the middle of the night after a birthday party) which I got all wrong hair-wise, but I like it!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wash and goes, going, going

 It's almost the end of August!! O__O

September is coming!

I have been a wash-n-going fool this summer.  Mostly that and top-Buffs (top-knots) and high buns or puffs with bangs.  I am still in love with Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel (I recently went HAM on Vitacost and got 5 bottles on sale... smh). I use that and cold pressed castor oil.  I have been throwing a little shea butter in the mix with my conditioner in the shower, and though my hair is responding well, my skin is not, so I'll have to stop that.  Maybe I'll switch to grapeseed or more castor oil. I like the feel of that final rinse when there is some oil to prevent it from rinsing totally "clean." i don't like to leave any conditioner in though, it seems to make my hair dull.

Anywhoo- here are some picts of my most recent and fresh wash and goes, most of which have popped up on my Instagram (@niathebee) over the weeks.

Me and my mom on her recent visit to DC :-)
In the sun. Still loving my color!

Me and Jemima. Yes you see her twist out yet again! My wash and go is gathered to the side in back with a generous side bang left out in front.

And here is a shot of my other homegirl's hair after I braided it up for her.  It's braided up in cornrows to a semi mohawk in back and its in singles in the front.  If only I could sit and do my own hair...  But at least my braiding skills have not languished too much over the years!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

3 blown out up-do styles

Here are a few collages of the 3 styles I created on my blown out hair. Overall - HATED IT... lol.

My hair is very fine, aka spiderwebby, when blown out. It is extremely fluffy and reactive to moisture, pressure, wind... Thus I could wear no "out styles" without anticipating full reversion within hours, leading to knots and tangles. So instead I kept it twisted or braided up, and I kept the ends tucked. I'm not sure how to explain exactly what I did! It may be clear from the different angles in the picts, but just let me know in the comments if I can clarify anything.

In my hair I used Hairveda's almond Glaze  At night I added some Shea moisture wrap foam stuff (not impressed- will remain unnamed...) to keep the 5-8 braids I would put in from getting too dry, and to encourage them to set stretched. I included picts of the am takedown texture/look at the end of this post.  Once I even touched the "chunks" they began to frizz out, so I was never able to wear it out :-(

3 styles:

Shots of the size of the night braids and take down in the AM.

Reversion within minutes!!!

Up ya go...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blow Out lazyness FAIL

After discussing, at length, how lazy we have become (Nuri and I) thus introducing the buff™, I decided to investigate a bit.  Nuri sent me a video a few weeks ago of a woman who accomplished like 5 styles in 10 minutes.  I feel like although she is doing something with her hair, its a form of successful "less is moreness" to come across looking like a "hair artist" in only a few minutes.

But what she has, that I never do, is a blow out.  This makes it so she can part her hair with her fingers, and manipulate it pretty easily.  No-can-do with curls/kinks.  I certainly don't want to tear any hair out, nor continuously slather it down for slip.

So I said to myself, in a moment of boredom and a clear schedule at home, what if I blow MY hair out?
As many times as I have done this and regretted it immediately, I still thought this a good idea...

And as usual, I'm like WHY did I do this..... (look at the progress of my facial expressions!)
My hair is so darn fluffy.  It's not a texture that makes for ease of anything.  but parting. then my ends are mostly blunt, so twists don't stay, flyaways poke out from everywhere.

I figured I'd better start posting these pictures, and what the heck I'm doing with it now. Because I'm taking a lot of picts and having to be very creative.  Lazyness FAIL!

Stay tuned for some of the styles I'll post in a few days or follow me on Twitter @nisus or Instagram @niathebee for real time updates.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birth of the Buff™


As of August 7, 2012, the hairstyle formerly known as the “nappy knot,” shall henceforth and forevermore (or until we come up with a doper name) be known as the buff™.

In the natural hair “world” of 2012, apparently everything has to have a name (or even a crazy acronym). While I think most of this is real extra, naming things does have a purpose. As a lazy hairdo enthusiast, I am always looking for ways to not do anything to my hair. Tucking the ends of my “pineappled” hair into a bizarre bun/puff hybrid has become a regular occurrence as of late. Honestly, I just can’t be bothered. I’m exhausted just from watching all of the marathon detangling, twisting, bantuing, wash-n-going, prepoocowashsteamdeepconditiondefineandbraidout-ing which seems to happen on Youtube. Nope. I ain’t doing all that. I’m lazy and my hair doesn’t listen to me anyway, so... *kanyeshrug*. Thus, the buff™ was born.


Feel free to spread the term far and wide (just remember who coined it and give credit where it’s due). You should also feel free to emulate our epic laziness and rock your own version of the buff™.  As a matter of fact, send us your best buff™ pics so that we can share them with the world. It’s time to get buff™ people!!!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Teeth

2 months progress on my bottom teeth. From now (top) going back 2 months. I now have two wire ties on the bottom (painful! see oddness on left bottom of pic) still have the wire tie across my top front two, and a chain across ALL my top teeth now... sigh. Got grey bands on the bottom this month. Silver stained something awful! I think I will stick to colors on the bottom going forward.
Much of the overlap is gone now however. They are def moving!!

UPDATE! I made a gif! lol 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sale! Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Hold Smoothie

Thanks for the heads up Afroglitz!
Target is having a great sale on the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Hold Smoothie - 12 oz.

I really like this stuff as a leave in. It's on the heavier side, so a little goes a long way. I have chilled on it because of the coconut oil, but if your skin is not reactive like mine is, this may be a winner for you.

$4.98 Online Price
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