Monday, August 13, 2012

3 blown out up-do styles

Here are a few collages of the 3 styles I created on my blown out hair. Overall - HATED IT... lol.

My hair is very fine, aka spiderwebby, when blown out. It is extremely fluffy and reactive to moisture, pressure, wind... Thus I could wear no "out styles" without anticipating full reversion within hours, leading to knots and tangles. So instead I kept it twisted or braided up, and I kept the ends tucked. I'm not sure how to explain exactly what I did! It may be clear from the different angles in the picts, but just let me know in the comments if I can clarify anything.

In my hair I used Hairveda's almond Glaze  At night I added some Shea moisture wrap foam stuff (not impressed- will remain unnamed...) to keep the 5-8 braids I would put in from getting too dry, and to encourage them to set stretched. I included picts of the am takedown texture/look at the end of this post.  Once I even touched the "chunks" they began to frizz out, so I was never able to wear it out :-(

3 styles:

Shots of the size of the night braids and take down in the AM.

Reversion within minutes!!!

Up ya go...


  1. Ooooh!! I LOVE them all but the last updo is my fave!! Big bangs ROCK!

  2. Those styles are sweet, you should have done some video tutorials on them. My flat twists and braiding skills are so But I will definitely see if I can do this on my hair. It's a different texture than yours 4b but it should still work just after some practice.

  3. Your hair is beautiful! I have recently been trying out blow outs and last night I absolutely fell in love with Organix Morrocan Argan Oil Intensive Treatment and Blow Out Cream...along with some Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomeade...When I say my super thick, fluffy hair has met it's match I definitely mean it...I am in love with these products.

  4. Thanks! :-D
    Organix you say?? I have used the foam and I liked it a lot and forgot about it! I will have to try it again instead of the Shea one I used this time.


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