Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blow Out lazyness FAIL

After discussing, at length, how lazy we have become (Nuri and I) thus introducing the buff™, I decided to investigate a bit.  Nuri sent me a video a few weeks ago of a woman who accomplished like 5 styles in 10 minutes.  I feel like although she is doing something with her hair, its a form of successful "less is moreness" to come across looking like a "hair artist" in only a few minutes.

But what she has, that I never do, is a blow out.  This makes it so she can part her hair with her fingers, and manipulate it pretty easily.  No-can-do with curls/kinks.  I certainly don't want to tear any hair out, nor continuously slather it down for slip.

So I said to myself, in a moment of boredom and a clear schedule at home, what if I blow MY hair out?
As many times as I have done this and regretted it immediately, I still thought this a good idea...

And as usual, I'm like WHY did I do this..... (look at the progress of my facial expressions!)
My hair is so darn fluffy.  It's not a texture that makes for ease of anything.  but parting. then my ends are mostly blunt, so twists don't stay, flyaways poke out from everywhere.

I figured I'd better start posting these pictures, and what the heck I'm doing with it now. Because I'm taking a lot of picts and having to be very creative.  Lazyness FAIL!

Stay tuned for some of the styles I'll post in a few days or follow me on Twitter @nisus or Instagram @niathebee for real time updates.


  1. YOUR HAIR IS GORGEOUS!!!! Omgosh!! What are you talking about?!?!? LOL!! I'm just such a fan of huge hair ... the less you smiled, the more I did!! LOL!! You could probably get a BANGING dry braid out on that blow out!!! Oh, or I just shared a LongHairDon'tCare style on my site that was flat two strand twists into loose twists that are bunned. I know that isn't exactly a lazy style to put in. But, it could be a lazy style to LEAVE in!! And, it's gorgeous!


  2. do u still use murray's bees wax? why not? it looks dry like u need some.


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