Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birth of the Buff™


As of August 7, 2012, the hairstyle formerly known as the “nappy knot,” shall henceforth and forevermore (or until we come up with a doper name) be known as the buff™.

In the natural hair “world” of 2012, apparently everything has to have a name (or even a crazy acronym). While I think most of this is real extra, naming things does have a purpose. As a lazy hairdo enthusiast, I am always looking for ways to not do anything to my hair. Tucking the ends of my “pineappled” hair into a bizarre bun/puff hybrid has become a regular occurrence as of late. Honestly, I just can’t be bothered. I’m exhausted just from watching all of the marathon detangling, twisting, bantuing, wash-n-going, prepoocowashsteamdeepconditiondefineandbraidout-ing which seems to happen on Youtube. Nope. I ain’t doing all that. I’m lazy and my hair doesn’t listen to me anyway, so... *kanyeshrug*. Thus, the buff™ was born.


Feel free to spread the term far and wide (just remember who coined it and give credit where it’s due). You should also feel free to emulate our epic laziness and rock your own version of the buff™.  As a matter of fact, send us your best buff™ pics so that we can share them with the world. It’s time to get buff™ people!!!



  1. Love it! I just cut off 4-6 inches to put me back to chin length so I could have the mushroom bob. I thought a lot about cutting it carefullly to get the perfect bob but I somehow didn't consider I'd be giving up the buns I'd come to rely on. Now some coils both frizzy/smooth pop out of the bun. It's really grown on me so I love that it now has a name. The buff!

  2. Yes!!! I needed a name for the exact thing that I'm sporting on top of my head right now. Will variations of the trademark be permitted? I am thinking of calling mine the B'More Buff (Baltimore).

  3. @tracyata Congrats on your new cut and welcome to club buff™!!

    @MissElaineous Yes! Variations are most welcome. Boston Buff™, B'More Buff™, Botswana Buff™... :)

  4. Found my way here from CN.com and I love the post! I have a new blog to read! Go me!

  5. @Sweetdrk1 Glad you found us. Welcome to It's Just Hair! :)

  6. I called this look my "scrunchy bun" but the buff sounds so much more dramatic.


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