Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fan of Tamika's Natural Hair Styles

Ever since I saw that video featuring Tamika Fletcher creating a few quick styles on her own hair I have been noting a buzz forming around her salon (Natural Resources in TX) and methodology.

So I got encouraged to try an updo on my curly wash&go hair vs blown out hair.  Here was the result of one of her signature styles.  I posted it on Instagram and she responded! :-) Make sure you follow them on Instagram as well! @naturalrsalon

I thought it turned out pretty great and would certainly do variations of this on older wash&Goes. I did not enjoy the previous experience of blowing out my hair for styling purposes though lol.

The accessory I am using, that Tamika likes, is available by Scunci at stores everywhere (called a Upsizing Double Comb.)  OR you can get a bunch here online.

I took this pic too (as I was clicking away in the middle of the night after a birthday party) which I got all wrong hair-wise, but I like it!

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