Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hair for the Holidays and Beyond

Happy Holidays!!
I'm traveling and enjoying time with my family. I hope everyone else is enjoying this time of year as much as possible. I know a lot of families are having a rough time closing out 2012.  I'm from CT. I have a lot of family here and thankfully we have been spared by the recent tragedy here. However please continue to send prayers out for the families of the children we lost. Several of my high school classmates lost young family members :-(

As we get closer to 2013 I am trying to wrap my head around what the next year may look like. I'm running out of days, however, and have not gotten my story straight yet.

One miniscule and insignificant change I want to make this year is to let my hair grow out for once. It's about as long as its ever been and I want to see how much further I can go over the next 12 months. Last time I said this I made it about 4 more months and then decided to cut it lol.

So as a part of this small decision I've been twisting my hair after I wash it and then fashioning the twist-out into various updos. I hope to keep my ends in good shape and retain as much growth as possible throughout the cold months.

Here are a few picts of one of the twist outs and the updo I wore for a friend's party and one I wore for our office Christmas party.

I'm wearing my hair pressed right now and will post about that in the next few days after I get a week's worth of pictures. I roller set it and then passed once over with the flat iron as I took the curlers out. WIN! lol.  I also made my own beeswax/castor/essential oil mix and it works like a dream. Stay tuned.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Different work hair over a few weeks

Me at work over the past few weeks. Who says natural hair has limited options?
These are roller sets, twist outs, wash and goes, wash and coils (dingle coils lol) and there is even a braid and curl in there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Forever Roller Set

I did a roller set the week before Thanksgiving and it turned out maaaavelous!
It all started because I was going to a few events in DC and wanted to do something a little different. I asked my homegirl what she thought and she sent me a pic of an up do that was done with looser curls than mine. So I decided to set just the front and top of my head hoping to save setting and drying time.  I used Pink Eco styler gel and Hairveda's almond glaze for the set.

SOOOO 2 hrs later it still was a little damp, so I put it on large flexi rods for the night.  I was tired! But here is how it came out in the morning:

 And later that night at one of the events:

And a few days of this:

I realized that I should have set the back after a few days of trying to create various updos in back, so I set all of it on large flexys overnight.

 And I got this for a few more days (with some added flat-twists on the sides):

THEN I went home for the holiday and didn't have time to wash it before hand. So this is a full 7 days later. Yep- my crazy bro, his boy and my lil cuzzos friend:
Bow courtesy of mr ben. lol
and this was just funny to me so I had to toss it in:
My mom's dog really, truly thinks she's a people.

So when I got back home, after a full NINE (9)! days I finger combed it out and had this!

Now I want to do it all again! It was worth those initial 2 hrs.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy holidays! You can shop my store too :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I personally don't do black Friday. Instead I prefer to comb the web from this weekend forward in search of deals on very particular things. I prefer calm over chaous any day.

So I just wanted to remind you about my Amazon store in the sidebar. I have all of my favorite things in there, many would make great gifts. I gift the silk pillowcases quite often. There is nothing like silk for your skin or hair.

Also below are a few links into the Amazon deals pages. If you use the links below they will know I sent ya!

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Happy shopping!

I have been wearing my hair in a rollerset btw. If you follow me on twitter or instagram you may have seen it. I'll post all the picts and instructions here soon!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Dingle Coils Video

I finally made a video on the Dingle Coiling Technique I showed off here.  Check out the video below and let me know what you think or if you have questions.  I still really, really need a better name for this technique though lol.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I've always loved Halloween thanks to my mom's creativity and decorating :-) 
We had home-made costumes mostly growing up and it became quite the event to create and wear our monstrosities on the streets.  One year I was a headless man (dad's suit jacket) and one year a treasure troll- (my own natural hair and some colored spray). 

In my adult life I have been, Niobi, Pebbles, Dora the explorer and Jane from Tarzan.  

This year I had my own party and I decorated my house like a haunted forrest. Therefore who was I? none other than a black forrest nymph! 

I wore my hair out and big and assembled my costume from things I had in my closet - plus a pair of $6 fairy wings that a I bent into a sharper shape. All said I had about 30 guests! We had the firepit and smores out back, plenty of zombi punch, jerk wings, meatballs and decorations galore. We even had FOG (so not many pictures came out)! lol  

Yep my bro was in the house from CT with is boy. I had a homegirl here from Boston. About 30 folks!  Good times :-D

 I hope everyone fared well in the storm and my prayers go out to those who suffered losses due to Sandy.  Be careful out there tonight! 

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