Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years

How did you spend your day yesterday?
Here is what I did!

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  1. Lovely blog. Sending a link to it to my daughter who has a Brazilian blowout and is reaching the point where she realizes what I told her before the first blowout--it isn't sustainable. Her hair is breaking off. She's so lovely--echos some of your gorgeous features though hers are more rounded.

    Perhaps the beauty of you and your blog partner will inspire her now that she is planning to cut her hair.She's still a teen, so, on the impressionable side. Hopefully your blog will be a good hook.

    I only wish such a trend towards natural hair with supportive products was around when I was your age. I wouldn't have lost so much. Now my hair is thinning (it was always thin, but now age is doing its part) and even twists and coils work so-so.

    Will keep checking in here to see what types of products might work best on my head.



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