Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I've always loved Halloween thanks to my mom's creativity and decorating :-) 
We had home-made costumes mostly growing up and it became quite the event to create and wear our monstrosities on the streets.  One year I was a headless man (dad's suit jacket) and one year a treasure troll- (my own natural hair and some colored spray). 

In my adult life I have been, Niobi, Pebbles, Dora the explorer and Jane from Tarzan.  

This year I had my own party and I decorated my house like a haunted forrest. Therefore who was I? none other than a black forrest nymph! 

I wore my hair out and big and assembled my costume from things I had in my closet - plus a pair of $6 fairy wings that a I bent into a sharper shape. All said I had about 30 guests! We had the firepit and smores out back, plenty of zombi punch, jerk wings, meatballs and decorations galore. We even had FOG (so not many pictures came out)! lol  

Yep my bro was in the house from CT with is boy. I had a homegirl here from Boston. About 30 folks!  Good times :-D

 I hope everyone fared well in the storm and my prayers go out to those who suffered losses due to Sandy.  Be careful out there tonight! 

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