Saturday, October 13, 2012

Never stop learning, wash&go coils

My last relaxer was in April of 2001. I've not had any relaxed hair on my head since August of 2001. You would think by now that even something so mundane as a wash and go would be second nature to me.  HOWEVER.... no. lol

Over the years, so many new products have come out, and so many other women have stopped relaxing their hair and trying all these products that the interwebs are now FULL of inspiration and new info.

On my own, I was able to discover a few dozen techniques, processes, tools and products that work on my hair.  Yet using the internet, and inspiration from others I've and perfected or discarded hundreds (yes hundreds) of tips and tricks for kinky/curly/coily hair. But even still, with the assistance of the internet, I sometimes think there is nothing new under the sun, and that everything that can be tried has been tried.

Here was my happy mistake...

I was rushing one morning and gotten sucked into the shower time warp before work, co-washing my hair.  By the time I got out and realized I'd sunk the extra 20 minutes I needed to get dressed, I had a head of soaking wet, product free and rapidly fizzing hair.  I slathered in a generous amount of gel and castor oil but had no time to rake it through! Or even make a sopping wet, dripping bun.  I grabbed the worst offending frizzys and hand coiled them, with one hand, while getting dressed. I left the house with about 7 dingle-coils hanging from the back of my head, that to me, looked decidedly better than the alternative half-fro.  I have no picts to prove my hypothosis lol.

A few hours later I pulled the dingle-coils apart and was pleasantly surprised. They were dry on the ends and damp in the middle, but the frizz was greatly reduced and it looked fine. 

I thought to myself, "self, what if you did shingle or rake through AND dingle-coil (I REALLY need a better name!! lol) I could banish frizz for good!!

So I tried it...

Wet hair:


 3days later!

7 days later!!

So you see what happened right?  The ends STAYED coiled, even when the insides/roots frizzed, making it wearable for many days.  It also seemed to stay moisturied waaaaay longer than normal without the ends being frizzed out. 

I just did this again today and will post the video I made about it next week! It was only 5 extra minutes of time but I got a huge bang for my effort.


  1. Love! Must give dingle-coiling (lol) a try!

  2. Iv'e sent this to my missis to take a look, looks really nice.

  3. hi hun just found ur blog :) ur hair looks amazing.. u should always do wash gos xx

  4. This is it! Been trying to find a way to keep those ends coiled after w&g's since 05 too lol. Which gel did you use with the castor oil? I'm assuming kmf upper mangement. And did you apply the gel first then oil or vice versa or mixed in all together? Thanks!! :D

  5. Hello J. I finally made the video. smh. so late. But Yep- KMF gel :-) I applied the oil first with a little gel, then more gel mixed with pomade later to smooth it all out. Check out the video here in the morning!


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