Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Remix! old twists

I posted about my big ole twists last week and I must admit that I did not properly care for them nor do any type of twist out. Yet I did wear them for 6 days lol!  Here is how I eeked the last 2 days of of them.  The ones in the back had started to unravel from being flattened and braided together and they were in no condition to be exposed.  They were so big that there were only two on the back bottom row lol.

So this is what I came up with.  The cloth is the bottom of a light-weight T that I cut in half to wear as a crop top o_0

I made a knot that looked attractive by a bit of trial and error, redid the bottom of the front 3 twists and I had this style :-)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Kukui Combo

My hair has much in common with the Serengeti. I have come to accept it’s perpetual dryness and have learned some work-arounds that have helped significantly. However, I’m always on the hunt for new methods to moisturize my sand-like strands. By always on the hunt, what I really mean is that if I stumble across something that works, I’ll stick with it. I am basically lazy when it comes to my hair and I don’t particularly like trying new products. This is how I came to randomly put two products together that I already happened to have on hand. Like lots of people, I’ve used aloe vera gel for a variety of purposes for most of my life. My hair and skin both love it, so I tend to keep both a bottle and a live plant in my house. Like my hair, my skin is also quite dry, and so I have developed the habit of applying a body oil immediately after I shower in order to help stave off the alligator look. Coconut based oils work really well for me, but I have extremely sensitive skin, so I have to be careful about using mixed-oil products. A few weeks ago, I bought Alba’s Kukui Nut oil, 
which I have used on my skin before, thinking that it would be a nice alternative to the Monoi oil I’d been using. Negative. My eczema-prone skin bugged out. So, I was stuck with a nearly full bottle of Kukui oil sitting on the bathroom counter. Then one morning, as I reached for my aloe vera gel hoping to revive and refresh my curls a bit, I noticed that my hair was doing it’s best imitation of a bale of hay and thought that in addition to spritzing some water and using the aloe gel, I should include a bit of oil. Already holding a palm-full of aloe and feeling the usual laziness set in, my eyes moved to the bottle of Kukui oil sitting on the counter. I mixed a few drops with the aloe, applied it to my curls and then did the running man when I saw and felt the super soft, super defined results. It didn’t dry crunchy, the definition remained and my hair smelled like a Hawaiian island. Winning! I’ve tried this combo a few more times since then and I still love it. Yay for random discoveries. Anyone else MacGyver a new hair solution lately?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Protective styles for summer

It's HOT outside.

I don't think I need to expand on that. lol.

I have worn my hair up for up to a week in the two styles below.  Both use two strand twists (vs braids) on wet hair.  Both took 30 min to do or less.

Style One is just a single two strand twist, flat twisted around my whole head. Quickly and without a mirror before traveling. A variation of the princess braid. One day I tucked the end in, the next few I took the end out and put it in a low pony.

Style Two is composed of mega big (unparted) double stands- with 7 flat twists in front- the 2 on each side go backwards and the 3 in the middle go forward and are then looped back to make a hump.  The loose twists in back are cornrowed together upwards and then the end of the "cornrow of twists" is tucked under and pinned.  These picts are of day 3! I added the headband to disguise some of the fuzzys. Hope it makes sense in the picts!

Style 1
Alas- I was on Amtrak and bored so my photoshoot for the blog became this lol

 Style 2

I sleep on a silk pillow case (love!! get you one!) and have done little else to preserve it- hence the fuzzies!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Multiple textures vid

Hey- I just wanted to post this quick vid of me going over the few different sized and shaped "coils" on my head.  It was doing it's own thing- mostly unstreached, so it made for a good show and tell :-)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

There are a few memories from my early childhood that have been etched into the hardwood of my life.
Those memories include strawberry ice cream by the scoop, watching ET at the movies from the front row, eating fast food in (a very strategically parked in) parking lot, and fireworks!

I think that I was so young that I really didn't understand what I was experiencing, thus in my child mind I interpreted these things to be very special, if not magical. The fireworks, which I remember watching from a few vantage points including through the sunroof of my moms car, were so close and big it seemed that I was inside the sky with them. The perspective and 3D effect enhanced by the night sky. It was fantastic.  Even today when I get to see a great firework display I am transfixed and transported to happy, magical times. 

It's hard, however, to find adults, particularly unmarried adults without children, who want to chase down a good show with me.  Sometimes I go alone, but experiencing it with loved ones just puts that extra glow on my face.

Today is also Fros for the Fourth! But alas I am traveling and my true "fro" would take a licking on these seats lol. 

But I did manage a pretty magnificent puff last week, so I'll share that instead :-)

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