Monday, July 23, 2012

Kukui Combo

My hair has much in common with the Serengeti. I have come to accept it’s perpetual dryness and have learned some work-arounds that have helped significantly. However, I’m always on the hunt for new methods to moisturize my sand-like strands. By always on the hunt, what I really mean is that if I stumble across something that works, I’ll stick with it. I am basically lazy when it comes to my hair and I don’t particularly like trying new products. This is how I came to randomly put two products together that I already happened to have on hand. Like lots of people, I’ve used aloe vera gel for a variety of purposes for most of my life. My hair and skin both love it, so I tend to keep both a bottle and a live plant in my house. Like my hair, my skin is also quite dry, and so I have developed the habit of applying a body oil immediately after I shower in order to help stave off the alligator look. Coconut based oils work really well for me, but I have extremely sensitive skin, so I have to be careful about using mixed-oil products. A few weeks ago, I bought Alba’s Kukui Nut oil, 
which I have used on my skin before, thinking that it would be a nice alternative to the Monoi oil I’d been using. Negative. My eczema-prone skin bugged out. So, I was stuck with a nearly full bottle of Kukui oil sitting on the bathroom counter. Then one morning, as I reached for my aloe vera gel hoping to revive and refresh my curls a bit, I noticed that my hair was doing it’s best imitation of a bale of hay and thought that in addition to spritzing some water and using the aloe gel, I should include a bit of oil. Already holding a palm-full of aloe and feeling the usual laziness set in, my eyes moved to the bottle of Kukui oil sitting on the counter. I mixed a few drops with the aloe, applied it to my curls and then did the running man when I saw and felt the super soft, super defined results. It didn’t dry crunchy, the definition remained and my hair smelled like a Hawaiian island. Winning! I’ve tried this combo a few more times since then and I still love it. Yay for random discoveries. Anyone else MacGyver a new hair solution lately?



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