Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

There are a few memories from my early childhood that have been etched into the hardwood of my life.
Those memories include strawberry ice cream by the scoop, watching ET at the movies from the front row, eating fast food in (a very strategically parked in) parking lot, and fireworks!

I think that I was so young that I really didn't understand what I was experiencing, thus in my child mind I interpreted these things to be very special, if not magical. The fireworks, which I remember watching from a few vantage points including through the sunroof of my moms car, were so close and big it seemed that I was inside the sky with them. The perspective and 3D effect enhanced by the night sky. It was fantastic.  Even today when I get to see a great firework display I am transfixed and transported to happy, magical times. 

It's hard, however, to find adults, particularly unmarried adults without children, who want to chase down a good show with me.  Sometimes I go alone, but experiencing it with loved ones just puts that extra glow on my face.

Today is also Fros for the Fourth! But alas I am traveling and my true "fro" would take a licking on these seats lol. 

But I did manage a pretty magnificent puff last week, so I'll share that instead :-)


  1. Whoa! Monster Puff! cute though :~)

  2. Can totoally relate. I would have loved to go down to the monument grounds or close to it, to see the fireworks full on. But my closest friend is married and pregnant and had a family cookout and most of my other friends are also similarly coupled, so i just watched them from the streets of Southeast as best i could. i LOVE fireworks. they will never cease to be amazing to me.


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