Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Protective styles for summer

It's HOT outside.

I don't think I need to expand on that. lol.

I have worn my hair up for up to a week in the two styles below.  Both use two strand twists (vs braids) on wet hair.  Both took 30 min to do or less.

Style One is just a single two strand twist, flat twisted around my whole head. Quickly and without a mirror before traveling. A variation of the princess braid. One day I tucked the end in, the next few I took the end out and put it in a low pony.

Style Two is composed of mega big (unparted) double stands- with 7 flat twists in front- the 2 on each side go backwards and the 3 in the middle go forward and are then looped back to make a hump.  The loose twists in back are cornrowed together upwards and then the end of the "cornrow of twists" is tucked under and pinned.  These picts are of day 3! I added the headband to disguise some of the fuzzys. Hope it makes sense in the picts!

Style 1
Alas- I was on Amtrak and bored so my photoshoot for the blog became this lol

 Style 2

I sleep on a silk pillow case (love!! get you one!) and have done little else to preserve it- hence the fuzzies!


  1. Love both of those styles. I really need to learn how to flat twist.

  2. Love style one! It's so regal.. I tend to make my twists a bit more voluminous.

  3. Ok first and foremost..YOU HAD MY FULL ATTENTION AT "30 MINUTES OR LESS"! lol...and secondly, these styles are lovely! I will definitely be trying them out soon.

  4. What do you say is your hair type? Mine is like yours...3c/4a?

  5. I love this! I'm always trying to find styles for my daughter. Thanks for sharing.


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