Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Forever Roller Set

I did a roller set the week before Thanksgiving and it turned out maaaavelous!
It all started because I was going to a few events in DC and wanted to do something a little different. I asked my homegirl what she thought and she sent me a pic of an up do that was done with looser curls than mine. So I decided to set just the front and top of my head hoping to save setting and drying time.  I used Pink Eco styler gel and Hairveda's almond glaze for the set.

SOOOO 2 hrs later it still was a little damp, so I put it on large flexi rods for the night.  I was tired! But here is how it came out in the morning:

 And later that night at one of the events:

And a few days of this:

I realized that I should have set the back after a few days of trying to create various updos in back, so I set all of it on large flexys overnight.

 And I got this for a few more days (with some added flat-twists on the sides):

THEN I went home for the holiday and didn't have time to wash it before hand. So this is a full 7 days later. Yep- my crazy bro, his boy and my lil cuzzos friend:
Bow courtesy of mr ben. lol
and this was just funny to me so I had to toss it in:
My mom's dog really, truly thinks she's a people.

So when I got back home, after a full NINE (9)! days I finger combed it out and had this!

Now I want to do it all again! It was worth those initial 2 hrs.


  1. LOOOOOOOVE IT! I'm gonna do this for a wedding I'm in.

    Did you have the back in a ponytail, leaving the top section out that you rollerset? i can't tell from the pics

  2. Your hair turned out great with both the magnetic rollers and flexi rods. I did a style last week with the 1 1/2 inch magnetic rollers on my hair, and it didn't dry even after leaving those bad boys in all night to air dry. Next time I will definitely sit under the dryer for about 30 minutes to help with the drying process, because all of that lost sleep only for those things to be still wet. I used the African Pride Moisturizing Lotion and lightly spritzed my hair with water. But either way your hair helped up very nicely in all those pics except, the last to looked like you went crazy with the styling of those lol.....

  3. thanks everyone! I had the back up either using the upzing tool thingy (combs with elastic between) or an upside down french braid or just in a super high pony, brushed up with gel. Once I set my entire head on rollers though the back was curled so i switched to regular ponys or i even wore it out one day.


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