Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Teeth

2 months progress on my bottom teeth. From now (top) going back 2 months. I now have two wire ties on the bottom (painful! see oddness on left bottom of pic) still have the wire tie across my top front two, and a chain across ALL my top teeth now... sigh. Got grey bands on the bottom this month. Silver stained something awful! I think I will stick to colors on the bottom going forward.
Much of the overlap is gone now however. They are def moving!!

UPDATE! I made a gif! lol 


  1. Wow they look great, those braces are definitely doing it's job :). How long will you have to wear them all total for?

  2. Thanks! It was to be 2 years total, though I am already 2 months behind schedule :-/ But maybe I can catch up!

  3. Good progress! Good job on the gif as well :)


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