Friday, August 24, 2012

Wash and goes, going, going

 It's almost the end of August!! O__O

September is coming!

I have been a wash-n-going fool this summer.  Mostly that and top-Buffs (top-knots) and high buns or puffs with bangs.  I am still in love with Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel (I recently went HAM on Vitacost and got 5 bottles on sale... smh). I use that and cold pressed castor oil.  I have been throwing a little shea butter in the mix with my conditioner in the shower, and though my hair is responding well, my skin is not, so I'll have to stop that.  Maybe I'll switch to grapeseed or more castor oil. I like the feel of that final rinse when there is some oil to prevent it from rinsing totally "clean." i don't like to leave any conditioner in though, it seems to make my hair dull.

Anywhoo- here are some picts of my most recent and fresh wash and goes, most of which have popped up on my Instagram (@niathebee) over the weeks.

Me and my mom on her recent visit to DC :-)
In the sun. Still loving my color!

Me and Jemima. Yes you see her twist out yet again! My wash and go is gathered to the side in back with a generous side bang left out in front.

And here is a shot of my other homegirl's hair after I braided it up for her.  It's braided up in cornrows to a semi mohawk in back and its in singles in the front.  If only I could sit and do my own hair...  But at least my braiding skills have not languished too much over the years!!


  1. Wow!
    Your hair and beauty is just unparalleled!!!

    I absolutely adore the fourth pic from the top. You look like a young girl, teeming with excitement and fantastical dreams, setting out on her own adventure.
    I know that is one(another one) of my favorite pics of yours. Oh yeah, the teeth are looking great, I think I can tell a difference in your smile. Thanks for starting my weekend off with a huge, adoring and envious grin.
    I really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing.


  2. I really like the bangs. Mine are way to short to hang down like this so I'm pinning them back until they grow out. I must re-visit the castor/Kiss My Gel mixture. The Kinky Curly is just not as soft.

  3. Great post. Have you ever tried using Johnson's Baby Bath Head To Toe Baby Wash on your face? I used to suffer from breakouts alot until my mid-20's. I started using Aubrey Organic Vegecol face cleanser and moisturized with shea butter or some type of light oil (grapeseed, almond, sometimes olive oil). One day I ran out of the cleanser and had some baby wash in my shower and used it on my face and have used it ever since. I sometimes follow up with 100% cocoa butter by Cococare or this black seed oil facial moisturizer. I even tried the oil-cleansing method with good success. Acne as an adult can be a pain. And is worst as an adult than as a child sometimes.

    Anyhoo, I figured I would share my experience in hopes that it might help. The shea butter and the oils I mentioned may not work since you tend to react to them.

    I enjoy browsing your site and as always your hair looks great!!


  4. Hey, your hair is beautiful! I was wondering if you use a denman brush when you apply your gel..

  5. Hey anon- Sometimes, but not most of the time. It really makes my hair coil up super tightly, and it takes a while to get through it all. I do it when I need it to last an extra few days, like 5-7 instead of 3-5.

  6. Thanks for the advice Jas! I've been using black soap (dudu Osun) for the past month and it is working for me again, as in the past (thank goodness). Damn PCOS :-(


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