Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Puff and bang. Fall styling?

This past week was, for all practical purposes, the last week of summer :-(

Labor day weekend eeked by me with nary a fun thing to report, though I did get to see Sheila E perform live at the Howard Theater on Thursday.  It went to prove that I am still a little young, compared to those in attendance who remembered not only all of her songs, but all the songs by the opening act, formerly known as "The Family" o_O  Booties were shaking lol.

But that was it for my weekend. I mowed my front and back lawns, tended my gardens, and painted my dining room a shade of periwinkle. By myself. (forever alone? lol) I spackled the holes and pits, and sanded and blue-taped and everything :-) I was afraid to replace the furniture quite yet but I will post a pic when the now-floating table can go back where it belongs.

Sooo my hair didn't really need to be done this weekend since I went nowhere.  But I guess some sort of "hope" of a fun time lurking behind the next circuit of the hour hand kept me from totally protective styling it away.  I wore my hair as seen below on Friday and just pinappled it most of the weekend.  I co-washed it late Saturday, but essentially styled it right back to how it was.

Then I got paint in my hair Monday.

Just a lil bit lol. I finger smoothed most of it out, only to find more every time I looked in the mirror.

I'm thinking, however, that when I finally do co-wash again that I want to put it in a braid and curl or twist and curl set.  I want to begin doing those for the fall and winter to retain some length.  I've been trimming my hair often to offset the SSKs resulting from my wash&go habit. I prefer it a little shorter for many reasons but I realized that if I were to press my hair right now that it would look much as it did a year ago.  I guess after several years of medium length hair I might be ready for longer hair again.  You never know when that time may come.  Or when it may go :-)  After 11-12 years with no relaxer, length goals are not so much a factor as is diversity of styles.

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