Monday, September 17, 2012

Style sNaps: Summer in the City (Boston 2012 edition)

For awhile, I just didn't notice. I didn't realize that the impact had reached my city. I failed to recognize that the natural hair movement (trend? phenomenon?) had made waves (see what I did there?) in Boston. It really only hit me earlier this summer at the Shake the City rally (a peace rally organized in the wake of the brutal fatal shooting of three young women here in Boston). As I walked around Franklin Field taking pictures, I found myself distracted from my sober and serious surroundings by sistas all around me rockin' fly styles. Who were these women? Where had they all come from? Had I been asleep only to wake up to an invasion of naturals? Again, at the Caribbean carnival in Cambridge, I was struck by the array of natural styles in the streets. As I snapped more pictures, I decided this level of loveliness should be shared. Thus, Style sNaps was born. From time to time, I'll share natural hair street style pics so that we all may be inspired by the flyness of others.
Carnival queens
Lovely lengthy locs
Natural rainbow
Masterfully mature
Tone and texture
Pretty in pink
Twist and puff
Viewing the variety
I didn't know whether to admire her locs or her abs.

So, that's it for the inaugural edition of Style sNaps. Let me know what you think and if you too have noticed an increase in the natural population in your area.

All photos copyright 2012 © Nuri Chandler-Smith. These images are NOT to be used or reproduced unless written permission has been given. To request permission please email:

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