Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wash n Go season! Impending hair cut.

It's wash and go season! I have already been attempting my regular old wash and go style for a few weeks and my ends are terrible! I'm developing horrible hands in hair syndrome! The little knots drive me crazy. It looks ok, and is mostly soft but I need a serious trim/cut. I will go for an appt next week, and also decide on getting new highlights. Here's how it's been looking (one shot is a length check).


  1. wow---your hair is simply beautiful!---so glAD I found your blog--now all i need to do make my hair twisty kurl like yours---remain blessed my friend!!!

  2. I love your hair in the second picture. Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. this is my first summer natural (i big chopped in january)

    and i've been doing wash and gos this whole week, but i'm just chillin at the parents' house. when i go back down to school for the summer aka walking around in the Austin, TX H.E.A.T. how do i keep my hair soft and NOT cripsy? lol

    i'm trying to keep myself from just putting some kinky twist extensions in out of frustration :/

  4. I love these pictures! I just watched the vlog from CurlyChronicles where she mentions your blog, so I came here to check it out. I'm definitely saving this site my favorites.

  5. You. Are. My. Hair. Twin. I'm glad I found you. For some reason it's hard to find just my texture on hair blogs, forums, youtube, etc. Have you had the same trouble? I will look to you for guidance on styling and products. Which technique and products did you use for the above style? How long do your wash and go's last? How do you protect your hair at night? What do you do to revive the style in the morning?


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