Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vids- Wondercurl Wash n Go results

I ordered Wondercurl Get Set Hair Jelly from this site when she had a free shipping special a few weeks ago. Here I apply the jelly to freshly conditioned hair. I washed with Suave's rosemary/mint professional conditioner and de-tangled with suave professional sleek conditioner- rinsed with cool water. I then applied Paul Mitchel the conditioner liberally to my hair split into two sections.

The gel is clear, non-tacky and gives good slip. I ordered the unscented version.. I had samples of the earth scent and the almond scent. Earth smelled like... dirt... and the Honey Almond was very sweeeeet smelling. Not too fond of either.

*Note* - you have to crank the sound waaay up to hear what I am mumbling about lol. I'll do better next time. And also turn the camera portrait view :-)

And here are the results! I must mention- regardless of what I think and my particular preferences, just on my way in to work I got two compliments from strangers :-)
An older women said I had beautiful hair and a fellow natural with a cute twist set asked what product I used. I'd have to say this product is a styling and shine success.


  1. I was like cool...now she's doing 'talkies' lol! Great results!

  2. LOL- I was actually scared to talk on the vids! That's a lot of Nia personality to digest!

  3. beautiful! i really have no business buying new products, but i am tempted to try the smaller size. i am going to try your method of hair wrapping...seems like your curls were popping as soon as you took off the scarf.

  4. I'm loving that scarf! What are the dimensions?


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