Saturday, June 19, 2010

Introducing the highlighted twist-out

So here was the result of the hasty twists! I loved it, and I'm convinced that the faster, wet twists would be more defined and supremely dope. I like how the color further defines the curls, and my eye color :-)

I used black vanilla leave in spray, castor oil and natures gate pomade on the twists and the twist out. Yesterday was day two and it looks the same. I could likely get two more days out of it. BUT I am so excited about the next style, which will be a denman shingled gel set. Me thinks I'll be co- washing tomorrow!


  1. lovely hair, Im loving your hairlights

  2. Very pretty. It's like fresh ends make every style beautiful.

  3. I love your twist out! It looks perfect!

  4. very cute! :D how long did your twists take your before? I assume this doesn't take nearly as long? Must feel good! haha

  5. Hey there - I do not know how to contact you and the other girls, but I am thinking about having a Natural Meet up in DC! Never did it before, but do you think yourself and your natural friends would want to come? Just trying to get a head count to see if it is possible. my email is



  6. Lovely. And I swear we are face shape weren't by chance born in Ohio? :)


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