Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Roller set = Fail. Recycled chat convo.

Here is me and one of my girls chatting yesterday. I know I'm lazy for posting this way- lol!

10:49 AM me: I have to post on Jason's Green silkener. my new BFF

friend: is it cheap?

me: I mentioned when I got it and have been digging it ever since

it was when I got it- was on clearence- $6 each

I got 3

10:50 AM I think it's usually like $20

friend: at the store

me: I'll be pissd when I run out

friend: or online?

me: store near work

Pure beauty. they are not carrying Jason line anymore

so blew out what they had left

I went back and got 2 more

10:52 AM friend: sounds like a true deal!!!

10:53 AM me: yeah! the ingredients are the bomb

and it layers perfectly under gel

smells minty and fresh

10:54 AM

10:55 AM damn $24

it was 75% off

10:58 AM I have to post a FAILED roller set too

wasted maaad time- came out like crap lol

10:59 AM friend: really

what happened?

me: I did single twists with twisty rods at the ends

took em out the next am- the ends were not curled and the moment I tried to take the twists apart- supreme frizz

11:00 AM friend: ooooo

me: fail. Ari was like I TOLD u to blow it out first lol

I was like nooooo blowdryer!

friend: lol

me: gotta try something else

11:01 AM I guess I don't have that kinda hair

copying a twist and curl set

11:02 AM friend: right

I do NOT have picts of the final result lol!

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  1. oh boo! no pictures of the result?!?! lol! i understand.


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