Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hair Chat of the week

After my post yesterday I said to myself- you know, I have tons of conversations every week about hair- culture, styling, products etc. SO... I will post the best conversation from every week. Here is the best convo from last week :-) My post-chat additions are in RED.

Fabulous Natural Friend (FNF): did i already mention how the whole theater turned and stared at my hair when the lights came on after "Good Hair" the other day?

ME: lol- musta been great

ME: cause no one like you or me was in that whole film

FNF: and i was wearing my "I heart my hair" tshirt

FNF: lol

FNF: that was SO annoying

FNF: i need part 2 of the movie

FNF: with all natural chics

FNF: and the dudes who sweat us

ME: seriously

ME: even the girl in there had extensions

FNF: so wack

ME: our movie could have us swimming and working out, going out, dancing and looking diva, with our fine men like- weave? who has time for weave?

ME: my girl spent $70 to get her hair "pressed" it lasted 12 hrs and she washed it lol

FNF: yup!

FNF: oh geeeez

FNF: that part in the flic where homegirl was talking about not being taken seriously and not taking someone seriously in a professional environment if they had a big ole afro

FNF: i literally started yelling in the theater

ME: oh those girls

FNF: the next day i was having a convo with a sista who was showing me a natural hair website (she's on the creamy crack)

FNF: and she said the SAME thing

FNF: i'm trying to remember the website tho

FNF: cuz i was gonna send it to you

FNF: something about coil...

FNF: oh here it is

FNF: (Link: image we were discussing is GONE :-(

ME: yes!

FNF: homegirl's layers are PERRRRRRRRRFECT

FNF: i need to print this out, go to the salon and be like DO THIS

ME: i drool over that main pic

ME: I decided I am going to the dude in NY (Hair Rules- Anthony Dickey)

ME: grow until then and then just let him go with it

FNF: when are you going?

ME: the first week in Feb most likely

FNF: oh wow

ME: i'm just going to save for it from now to make it not so bad

FNF: yeah, i gotta get it cut before that

FNF: been trimming here and there myself

FNF: but i haven't had it cut properly since May 08

FNF: lol

ME: yeah - I um... cut mine myself so if that counts. its been since March or April

FNF: wait, is this real?

FNF: (Link:

FNF: yes

ME: her curls are loose though

ME: very pretty- color too

ME: she has a good hair shape too. i think i like mine shorter in front. for the shape of my head/face

ME: kinda why i wanna see this dude. i think he could look at a head/face and optimize it

FNF: yeah, i def need mine shorter in front

FNF: i hadn't trimmed the front for months. couldn't figure out why my hair was looking terrible

FNF: cut MAD inches off the front

FNF: brand new hair

ME: ari told me he likes my hair off my face. but that... i'm not sure i can do

ME: i do get compliments on the low puff a lot though

ME: all off the face

FNF: yup. looks good on you.

FNF: i don't like it on me tho.

ME: my hair doesn't like to do it

ME: it's really forward facing if at all spirited


  1. LOL! The chick in the last link is Kabrina and that is definitely real. Her YouTube channel is

  2. Hi here is lena

  3. I love your version of Good Hair part 2!


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