Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So sick of this...

I do not even want ya'll to listen to this song. ever. in life.
But alas- I hereby admonish Mr. Benet, of previously sordid reputation, for this step off the final ladder rung into the land of the obsolete.

Does he not know what he's done in putting the little goblin on the track? Does he not know?
Which begs me to ask... do MEN not know?

I have been called a redbone, in the context of a compliment, as recently as a few months ago. I wish I could shoot daggers from my eyeballs in real life.

I hope Mr. Benet receives feedback in the form of brimstone.

*Edited to add*
omg I just scrolled down and found the Brian Mcknight song from his "adult mixtape" (no I am not even linking it!! lol) And, now...... now I am like what's going on?  Am I being punked?  Are we all being punked? LOL

1 comment:

  1. The title alone makes me not want to listen to this song. What is the need to bring up decisiveness of color into a song? MY opinion of him has dropped drastically.


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