Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pressed again for trim. Picts!

I decided to press it to trim it again. It had been since Feb 15th, when I last pressed my hair and I desperately needed a trim.  There were a few sunny days coming up on the forecast so I went for it late Wednesday night last week. I used the same process and products as last time and I trimmed off about 1/4 - 1/2 inch all over.

What I did not consider is how busy I would be during the weekend!!  I had friends in town from Boston and a jam packed, sleepless schedule ahead.  I slept in my clothes and makeup several times lol.  I even ended up cooking on the charcoal BBQ grill for several hours on Saturday! So needless to say- I was NOT feeling the pressed hair in terms of upkeep! I only slept in curlers for one night, and the curl fell quickly thereafter, nary to return again.  I ended up bunning for almost the entire weekend, but I came up with the Meagan Good (or maybe Kerri Hilson) inspired bang thingy and rocked that for several days.  I only had to pop a curler in front- for as little as an hour before heading out.

So here are the picts. It's definitely grown a lot (APL in places) and the new color is actually a bit subdued while straight.
Party Time!  Graduation cookout on Sat with my best homies and Jemima's family!
I plan to RUN home and wash it today. It's been raining for the past few days and I have lost control of the press. I'm soooo done with it!

And..... I got my bottom braces!! Monday. And curse them!! They hurt.  I got blue bands so that I could see the bracket placement easily and embrace the metal I had to get on the bottom (vs the ceramic on top).  
They are alllllllll over the place and I clearly have a long ways to go.  
Teeth are twisted that I didn't even know were twisted.  sigh.  
I am also slowly starving to death, though I am no longer in pain when I'm just sitting still today lol.  But my teeth don't meet properly if at all any more already.  and I hit the bottom brackets with my top teeth if I'm not careful (ouch!) and.... I have a lisp, because making the "S" sound hurts the worst.  Awesome.


  1. I remember when I had to wear braces! Ugh! I can't find my retainer anywhere! I totally understand what you mean by the pain. It's a bitch!
    Maybe try some pain-killers?

    On a hair-note. You really get to see the colour in the sun-shot!

  2. Wow your bottom row of teeth really are badly twisted dayum lol.... But in time the braces will do the the job, and have your teeth looking all gorgeous. The pain one must go through in order to achieve beauty :), you ever put any abesol numbing stuff for gums on your mouth to help?

  3. thanks. Aleve has been good to me :-) lol

  4. waw your hair looks soo beautiful straightened


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