Thursday, May 24, 2012

National Natural Hair Meetup Day - Boston, May 2012

Hey all! So, here are a few impressions from my experience at Boston's National Natural Hair Meetup Day event. First of all, the event was PACKED! Did I say packed? Child, it was overflowing with naturals up in there. I couldn't even get into the room when I first arrived. I just kinda stood outside staring, as I pulled my jaw up off the floor. Who knew Boston had such a vibrant natural hair community?!

I shot a little bit of video footage while I was there. Unfortunately, it was way too dark in there to really capture anything well. Next time maybe I'll think to bring a full lighting kit...or at least a flashlight to shine on the adorable sistas who took a moment to share some thoughts on camera.

I took a few photos here and there as well. The event took place both on the second floor of Market (a local bar/club) and on the roofdeck. The weather was perfect for a little outdoor party, so I spent quite a bit of time on the roofdeck chillin and taking in the diverse hair, clothing and makeup styles folks were rocking.

Of course I neglected to get a good picture of my own outfit to share with you all. Boooooo to me. I did grab a quick flic of my feet though:

I wore the jeans and wedges with this H&M sweater:

Most of this look can be found on my Pinterest boards, so feel free to follow me over there if you're interested.  

That's all folks. Overall, I had a good time meeting some of Boston's natural hair community and will definitely keep a lookout for future events. Did any of you attend a #NNHMD event in your area?


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  1. You were at the Boston Natural Hair Day event??? So was I!! I wish I knew. I would've loved to have met you (especially since I featured you on my blog ;)) Maybe we'll get a chance to meet at another Boston event!


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