Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I need a trim!

It's funny- the little knots seem to crop up exactly after 8 weeks.  It's been almost 12. I used to ignore them and try to prevent them but ever since I have been trimming often- since last fall- they are gone, until they are back. I don't just live with them any more as in long hair days past.

I have to decide if I want to press to trim.  I really only want to take 1/4 inch off, and my shape is good, so cutting wet may not work any more. BUT I just colored a few weeks ago so I dunno how I feel about pressing, even though the last two times I escaped unscathed.  You never know with pressing! My confidence has increased due to my new iron that has a heat setting I can see and set to 320. And my discovery of beeswax as my pressing and maintenance aid has been priceless. If I do press it will be in the next few days.  If I trim curly I'll wait until the weekend.

Meanwhile I went camping last weekend and had a great time with some friends and my brother. I just wore a head wrap the whole time to keep any of the various (and numerous!) bugs from making a new home on my head.  I got bit up on my hands and one leg though :-(

  I also went out a few times over the past few weeks.  Here's what I wore one day. I thought I was so very clever. It's a skirt from H&M and a shirt from JCPenny  :-)


  1. skirrrrrr....pump the brakes! that shirt is from jcp?! i was just in there a few days ago looking for a come up on their hidden gems. people sleep on the j but sometimes they can have some cute stuff in there. you look so cute!

  2. yep JCP lol. I have been killing this shirt too. Worth every "penny"- only $25 lol. Thanks!


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