Friday, May 4, 2012

High Puff - 5 days

I washed my hair this past Saturday and wore it out and stretched for the day.  and as of this morning I had not wet it or detangled since O_O
Again, I used some old product hiding in the dark of my pantry- Garnier's Pure Clean gel. It promises no flakes, no build up.  Lies.  It has a decent hold, not extra strong as they claim, and it also has a funny smell.  The texture seems so promising though- like a serum.  But alas, it just dries... normal.  And that's all I have to say about that.

But Sunday I put it up in a high puff. And there it sat until this morning.  And when I say there it sat... I mean I did not take it down.  I literally pineappled my hair that night- woke up and it looked good like that so I left it. lol. I slept on it (silk pillow cases mmmm), woke up, got in the shower, smoothed the damp edges with my hands and went. day after day lol.  But I took these pictures last night- on the 5th day. Aside from tangles beginning to form, and some product flakes, it looked quite alright.

But WHEN did this happen??   I am back at arm pit length already O_O  Proof that it will grow back! I am not yet overwhelmed by it and the shape is good so I will let it grow for now.  I plan to press it (myself) again in mid-late May and do a very small trim. My ends are quite alright at the moment in fact.  Not many knots at all ~11 weeks post trim.


  1. Sounds like me this week ... except I started out with a WNG Sunday that's slowly been creeping up into today's high puff (lazily spritzing with water everyday ... LOL)

  2. You look very pretty with your hair in a puff!

  3. Your blog is amazing!! Why didn't I find you sooner?! It's been very discouraging seeing other naturals whose curl patterns and textures were not like mine and then here you are!! I swear I'm about to read every post you've ever written. lol I'm sure I sound crazy but I've been in a serious hair slump since it's still short and I feel like I look like a guy all the time but you have definitely lifted my spirits! I look forward to the day where my puff can look as beasty as yours :)

  4. Lol @Kre! Hey, sometimes it's like that lol
    Thanks @April!
    @electrixPhoenix I'm glad you find my little corner of the web useful! LOl @ look like a guy, I know the feeling but trust you don't! It will grow before you know it thou!

  5. I just discovered ur blog. I looove your have the same hair texture as my best friend.I'm more like a 4 anyway, great puff!


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