Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Featured! on Glamazini!!

One of my (and yours I'm sure!) top 3 favorite bloggers is preparing to big chop her natural hair down to super TWA. Roshini of Glamazini has been debating cutting her hair for quite some time and is sending off her long hair in a flourish of playful style changes. She did a hard press recently and will be posting soon about shaving one side of her head! I have been watching eagerly, as I just recently posted my friend Alicia and her decision to cut her 6yr old locks back to twa.
As usual women (particularly black women who have long, real hair) are met with what can be seen as pure hostility when we decide to cut our hair short.  Like on some HOW COULD YOU type feedback lol.  The thing is, once you've grown out a head or two of long hair, you become confident you can do it again and thus it simply becomes an option rather than a goal. And as life has it, some options are just more attractive for different reasons at different times.

I cut my hair in 2010 because it was so long that I was neglecting it and resenting it, and had thus developed another unhealthy relationship with my hair. My girl cut hers because she had locks straining her edges for many years and had a new baby girl with a head full of curls. What better time than to re-boot and enjoy loose hair on the both of them? And Roshini has her own reasons (partially, she is also expecting a baby boy!) but because she shared publicly her deviation from taking the utmost care with her long hair she got a strong dose of the "how could you's!!" from the interwebs. These sentiments came in the form of confusion, condemnation, condescension, and a lot of shortsightedness. I mean if she is planning to cut it, she may as well have died it cotton candy pink and shaved the back, side, and, oh hell - why not... got a texturiser lol. < I kid.  kinda.  heck not?

Anyway I sent her a response to her inquiry about other ladies big chopping long natural hair and she featured me!!  :-) I feel like I'm on TV lol.

I've done a big chop and a medium, but pretty major, chop in the past few years. I have also resorted to holding the shape of my hair above the length of it, as that is what allows me to truly wash and go when I need to.  No more hair being the boss of me! Check out the feature and subscribe to her posts. 

My hair is already back to arm pit length, but now I trim it regularly and the shape is holding.  So I don't retain so much length and I've even colored it recently. Shoot, I've even been pressing it lol. If I need to cut it after being so "reckless", I will.  I'm just enjoying my hair and what I can do with my texture. 

But please- grow a head full of long hair if you want to see what its like.  It is pretty cool.  Just know- you can always leave it on the floor and walk away from it when you are ready to, too. <(you like that double to).


  1. Thanks for responding and for all the encouragement and support. See you online hun! :)

  2. OMG your hair was soooo big.never seen that before.Hair is also just hair for me...I like to change


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