Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heat Stretching a wash and go

I wanted to show off a little length this past weekend so I decided to stretch out my wash and go before I even washed my hair.

What that meant is that I needed a pretty solid shingle to start with.  I washed my hair using bentonite clay and followed with the Herbal Essences Honey I'm strong conditioner.  Then I actually used some Yes to cucumbers leave in conditioner I stumbled on in my bathroom.  Its a light leave in that I can't say I'm smitten with, but for a wash and go I use a ton of castor oil with my gel, so I figured a light leave in would be fine. I shingled it pretty thoroughly using KMF gel and castor oil and I actually went to bed a few hours later with damp hair pulled up into a pineapple with a scarf.

So the next morning it was just slightly damp at the root so I diffused for a few min and then I switched the attachment to the concentrator nozzle.   I will make a video about this but I use the tension method to stretch from root to about 2 inches form the ends.  I like my ends to stay coiled as tightly as possible. 

So here is the result.  This lasted for 3 days :-)

Drying shingled set:
Finished product:


  1. GORGEOUS!I've been using the tension method for drying my wash n go's too.

  2. @Sharon Cuffy- I would! RIght now I am growing my hair out a bit, but next spring I plan to get it shaped using the deva method before next Wash & Go season.

  3. I think i'll try stretching my bangs like this cause I don't like how shrunken they look after just washing. Great article, thanks!!


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