Monday, March 11, 2013

Garnier Fructis Style Clean Stick Power Gel 24H Maximum Control

I had one of those 18 hour days last month, and was wearing my hair in a top-knot.  Early in the day it was fine, but as life happened the back began to fuzz and stick out.  I didn't have a brush, or gel so I stopped at Walgreens for a quick fix.  They had this brand new gel on sale, and being a fan of their puttys and long hold glues, I picked it up.

It worked fine for the day, though I do still prefer their glue for long strong hold for slick buns.  But  I loved the shine this gel provided. I noted that I should re-visit it for a wash and go, as the hold didn't seem overpowering...

I finally did a wash and go using it this weekend. You know by now I have learned to waste nothing, being a reformed product junkie and all....

Guess what?

I like it!!  I got a softer hold than I get with my KMF gel, but a stronger hold than I'd get with any of the other Fructise gels I'd tried and passed on in the past.  Plus the shine is lovely.  I got no flakes and it seems lightly moisturizing. It doesn't seem to build up either, as I have retouched a few pieces and it all blended back in.

So let's talk about why I had to retouch some of it though...

Unlike the KMF gel, the day two and 3 hair has been more than willing to revert to frizz, particularly in places that get the rubbing, like my temples and collar area.  It's in the neighborhood of our old standby Ecostyler gel in that sense, but it has more shine, and a lighter feel than that.

I mixed it with some old Garnier sleek and shine leave in I still had, to give it a fair brand shot I thought lol.  I also layered it with some castor oil, though not a fraction of the amount I mix with the KMF gel.  More like one palm-full distributed all over. Their leave ins are generally not moisturizing enough - my hair sucks them down like nothing ever happened. Like there is no slip because its GONE before I can work it through.  So I do NOT co-sign the leave in.  It did seem to give enough (mixed with the castor oil) to make it to day two with only a light re-pat down to re-moisturize.  I'm on day 3 and it still feels soft and light.

So the final verdict... I like it.  Not better than KMF gel.  no.  never that.  But if I need a gel to be close at hand for dry hair corrections, ie retwist some coily ends or re slick my bang, I may grab this BEFORE I'd grab Ecostyler. It has that "get under control right now" factor that eco styler has, and that KMF gel can lack a bit when used on dry hair.

4 out of 5!



  1. gorgeous hair. your curl pattern kinda looks like mine except my front is looser.


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