Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Twistout

I have not done a twistout in a long time and having gotten a little bored with my wash&goes = Ta-da! Time to revisit.

I twisted it wet with KMF gel, castor oil and KMF mistreated conditioner as my leave in.
Of coarse it was not dry in the morning so I had to wear my ropey twists to work. I decided to put them into an updo.  I used pins and just made circles all over my head.  The front two twists were dry so I took those apart and looped them backwards... like so... (I wish you could hear how I just said that in my head lol)
So then I took them apart that evening and I was a bit disappointed.  They were super tight and the ends were not uniform.
SO I took them apart very carefully and didn't separate them many times, trying to keep the frizz down, since then ends weren't coming apart cleanly.
So still meh... It was unwieldy and the shape wasn't quite right. I decided to use my blow dryer to streatch it out and I used gel on the worst of the ends to get them back under control.
So I kinda fixed it :-) I was able to enjoy it for a few days. But ultimately the inconsistency of the pattern and the ends took over. By day 3 it was pretty done for :-(

I'd have to make the twists smaller, and I have to re-examine the KMF gel for twists.  It really takes the volume out of them by removing most of the frizz factor, then the frizz that does exists looks inconsistent.

All said, I prefer my wash and go coils better, and its much faster to set it with gel and just let my pattern do what it does.  However I do want to maintain my ends this summer to keep some length for once.  I'll have to figure out some more styling options like this one.


  1. Hi Nisus,

    Just a quick tip from a fan that has very similar hair to yours...I do twist outs regularly (have two year old twins so hair has to be done at night - no time in the morning!). I wash once per week (usually Sat nights) and do simple two strand twists as you did. By Sun night my hair is mostly dry (maybe a little damp) but, either way, I then flat twist (about 3 on each side and 2 in the back). When I undo the twists the next morning, my hair is much more stretched than just with the two strand twists and it doesn't have the odd shaping that you experienced. And that I do too if I don't move to the flat twists. Now, I do re-twist each night. But in the morning, other than undoing the twists and a little gel around the edges I have 5 min hair! Hope that helps. And thank you for all the beautiful posts. - Ericka

  2. I really like the twistup style that you did here. I think you should try it again! But next time, make the twists bigger and then when you take it down, spritz your hair with a bit bit of oil and conditioner mixed with mostly water in a spray bottle. Not to wet it, but just to loosen the curl a bit and I think your hair will "stretch" naturally. Love your blog!

  3. I agree with savvy brown. Mahoganyknots (YouTube) did a style called Twist It Up and Pin it Down that is one of my all time favorites. It has become one of my go to styles.


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