Monday, March 4, 2013

Multiple textures

I took this first picture below in January as part of a little self indulgent photo shoot in my house on a sunny day. That one was my fav of the bunch so I only posted that one flick on instagram. BUT I was looking through them again today because every time I press my hair I'm on the hunt for evidence of heat damage. I have this one section of my hair that is perpetually straighter than the rest. It grows out of my head like that and resists curling, product, conformity... lol. The left, top side Arrrgggg! Sometimes I forget how unwieldy it is, so I was looking to remind myself what it looked like before this last press.  These pictures make it super clear that, yes, that part of my head is just like that. Multiple texture gals Unite!

My hair is shingled in a wash and go with KMF mixed with who knows what... and it is uniformly heat stretched on medium using the tension method.

Also I had no makeup on so in the ones that are not overexposed you can see how my acne battle is going. I'm winning the battles, but not yet the war.


  1. Multi-textured powers, activate!! First, you hair is GORGEOUS!! That first pic is a stunner!! Second, I sure do understand this!!! Arghhhh!! But it is, what it is. I remember when I first went natural, I kept thinking that maybe relaxer was left on my right side as the front ends never would coil together and were just wavy. Then, I thought maybe I had heat damage Took a couple of years of getting cuts and seeing that hair always was the same to realize that side just did not want to play nice like the rest of my curls. And now, FAH-GET-ABOUT-IT!! As I got older, my hair texture has completely loosened everywhere but my crown, which was always the tightest curl. 4 different textures on one head. When I go to stylist, they always comment on the differences ... especially the crown and nape, which are diametrically opposite. The crown is 3c/4a coils and the nape might as well be straight :/. But, you just work with what ya got!!!


  2. Hey Shelli! Thanks!!! You have fine hair like mine too, which just makes the difference in texture and pattern all the more pronounced it seems. Like if I even sleep on one side more than the other = imprint! I went to a hairdresser once and she thought she'd done something wrong as it dried lol. But we make it work! I think I have 3 textures but not in 3rds. It's like 50% tightish coils, 25% lose curls and waves and then 25% zig-zaggy hair that shrinks like 90%. smh. It's funny how you can disbelief it yourself even after a decade or more though lol.


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