Monday, March 25, 2013

Bang, bang, bang. Still.

I have legitimate bangs.  Like the rest of my hair is long but among my layers I have a relatively short "layer" in front that I wear as a bang. I go back in forth in my head, and sometimes to innocent bystanders, about how I may let it grow out.  I may let my hair grow this time for real.  I may not cut my bang back...

But then...  I cut my bang back.  About a month ago now.  I said I wasn't cutting it then one random day, it was there, and too long, and welllll- I cut it.  And I love it still.  I am re-committed to it to tell the truth.  No matter how my hair is looking I can refresh that front section in minutes and have new hair.  It's liberating and saves me on a bad hair day. It gives me a different look to play with, concerning makeup and earrings. And how about this... It makes my bead head not so bad lol. I can leave it out and fix it easily so I have a cheat.

Last week when I did that twist out I really didn't want to wash my hair again before the week was up.  So it slowly went up into a high bun.
I didn't like brushing it back so tightly though, since I hadn't bunned it from being wet and de-tangled. I felt it was stressing my hairline a little.  I had used a lot of gel to get it all up and smooth. It was flaking by the end of the day too :-(

So the next morning I let it get a little wet in the shower, parted my bangs out and rinsed just that part of my hair out.  I re-shingled it with the power gel since it's still sitting on my dresser.  I used castor oil and layered it in.  I made a low bun with the too-through twistout  to reduce stress on my nape.
So I got two more days out of this :-) I eventually had to wash all of my hair out though.  The accumulation of products on the bunned hair was getting out of hand.

But I definitely appreciate my bangs.  Just wanted to share.  Don't be afraid to cut. A strategic snip or two can make a head-full of hair a lot easier to handle. 


  1. I want those bangs! :) I don't want to copy you but it looks so nice on you. My layers are getting longer and still has a shape but I wear a headband every day to keep my hair from flopping around my ears. I'm torn about letting Janet or Halcion cut/trim it. I showed some co-workers your latest picture with the bangs. Everyone said "she is soo beautiful! Is she a model?"

  2. Aww :-)
    No matter how long I have let the front grow it encroaches on my face. This seems like the best solution. I have yet to let them fully grow back ever since I had them cut professionally that first time.
    I'd say to comb the net for some shapes you may like and clip them or save them to show the hairdresser. Then just go for a consultation at first. Make sure they adore your natural hair! I don't remember Janet being a fan of curls. I wonder what she'd say if she saw your hair now... or my hair now! lol


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