Wednesday, April 10, 2013


STRESS.  This has been a stressful past two weeks for me.  I don't know why I stress out about things I can't control and things I am in complete control of alike.  I got out of the habit of journaling.  That used to help me a lot when I was younger.  handwriting on paper got me to put the thoughts and fears out physically and artistically.   Maybe it's all this technology? The pen to paper thing isn't so second nature as it once was.  Shame.

But I have been taking pictures, as usal, intending to expand on what I was doing with my hair etc.  Instead, these picts all read like a pictogram of worry itself.  Let's see if I can remember what I was even worried about...

This was over the weekend. The morning after I went to a concert with my BF I believe.  Had a great time at the show and I had the next day off.  I was worried about my income, and considering renting out a room in my house again. I had someone coming to look a room and was hoping she liked it, and hoping my BFs concerns about re-renting a room would be unfounded.

It was such a beautiful day though.  And my yard is covered with beautiful weeds like so.  These do not concern me, though my neighbors be like -_____- 
"you gonna cut that?" lol
SO here I am on my back patio. beautiful early spring day. finally.  But why does my face look like this in all the pictures I took?? I don't even remember...

So this is another weekend shot of me on the patio. trying to take a pic of my hair. but look at my PJs and socks lol. Imma need for myself to put some real clothes on and stop with the selfie crazyness.
This was the previous weekend. I did the whole big hair don't care thing and went to see one of my girls up the street.  I actually didn't go much of anywhere else.  I was worried about my ortho appt coming up on Tuesday.  It was my 19 month check in and I wanted them OFF, but was at least hoping for news of them coming off SOON.

Ortho waiting room. I may not look worried but I was sleep deprived from fretting all night, and the situation was indeed out of my control.
ALAS, I get the bottom brackets off in early may and the tops of probably in June. Say goodbye to the braces soon guys!


  1. awww. try not to worry so much, hun. this come from the queen supreme or over-thinking and over-worrying everything so i know it is easier said than done. but at the end of the day you have to remind yourself that yes; some things are indeed out of your control so you can't kill yourself with worry. just try and make the best decisions you can on the things that are in your control, and spend your time enjoying the little things along the way (a sunny day, your beautiful yard, your bf). those are the things that make life.

  2. Thanks for the kind words @SweetBonita. You are absolutely right. It's hard, but life is made moment by moment, and not decision by decision. wooosahhh!

  3. ABSOLUTELY GAWJUS!! Wow....just wow. You're my new found hair-spiration.


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