Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sales and Links

Can you believe, I am still wearing my half blown out hair in various (and somewhat unglamorous) ways this week. Been lazy and the braided hair has been getting straighter and straighter. lol. But alas- I am collecting information for my next style.  I'm ALWAYS collecting info from the interwebs in fact.  I subscribe to like 50 blogs lol.

So the tip of the week is- to check out the "What I'm reading section" on the sidebar >>

I tag things of particular interest to me, so I can find them - interesting articles, posts and sales - and they show up in the sidebar automatically whether I'm posting or not.  So this week, there is a braided figure 8 style I am coveting and... a huge sale at Walgreens, who carries Shea Moisture products, and is selling them buy one get one free

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  1. Thank you sooooo much for posting the Walgreen's savings opportunity! I'd wanted to try Shea Moisture products for the longest time & always skipped over the Walgreens flyer because the store is a little out of my way. I think I may have discovered my perfect curly cocktail!


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