Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kiss my... twists!

I did double strand twists with the Kiss My Face/castor mix!
And they too, are silky and shiny. I did them on wet hair, with no parts. There are about 32-36 of them, but they are so tight and shrank so much that my hair is gone. Thus- I hate them.

But everyone else loves them. I was going to do the twist-out yesterday, as soon as it dried but my BF wanted me to leave them in so I did and came to work and all my co-workers swooned. Yes, I even let someone touch one lol. So I am wearing them again today and took pictures. I'll probably unravel them for the twist out tomorrow. I think I will need to do a lot of separating to get the volume I like back. But I think the definition will be divine!

What I did (all while hair was in 4 sections):
  • Co-wash with V05 Kiwi Lime.
  • Detangle with Renpure conditioner, widetooth comb and then my denman.
  • Added honey and let it sit for 20 min before rinsing.
  • Add Quidad leave in to each section (I had an old bottle I needed to finish)
  • Began grabbing wet hair in sections and adding Castor/KMF root to tip as I twisted.
The actual twisting process took about 1.5 hours and I was taking my sweet time.  I had to spritz a few sections that had began to dry out.  I probably could have finished in 40 minutes if I was really just going at it.

Ta-da! and stay tuned for the twist out picts.



  1. AMAZING. I just love them. so shiny!!!


  2. they are so pretty. Have u eve tried 3 strand twist? They do not shrink up as much as two strands and they are fuller.

  3. Wow! Your twists are looking fabulous and very well moisturized/conditioned. And they say black hair is dull, hmph! Not looking at this picture! Love it!

  4. Your curls look great. Brave to let someone touch. lol

  5. I just found this gel for sale at a local health food store. I have been trying to experiment with it a little. Thanks for the tip!

  6. I would like to see how you fluff. I hate two strands for exactly the reason you stated above. Well I hate wet two strand twists because it seems I can never get the parts out and it normally ends up looking like my regular wash n go, or I frizz all to heck because I can't get it fluffy enough.


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