Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Twist Out is winning!

I love Kiss My Face Upper Management  gel.  I LOVE KMF gel.

I twisted my hair last Sunday.  Took the twists apart on Wednesday, and was still wearing the dopest twist out yesterday (Monday).  Again- whose hair is this?  My hair is frizzy and water reactive.  It's puffy and it has a big ego.  With this gel, the same silkyness I observed in my wash and go carried on in my twists and then my twist out for days and days.  I was getting up in the morning and just leaving. No hair accessories, no fixing.  ah. you can not tell me anything about this twist out!!

Now for the evidence- tons of indulgent picts lol

Reminder- here were the twists.  My BF loved these the most of all my styles. 

Here they are simply unraveled with no pulling apart.  I wore it like this for 2 days.

Now HERE is the separated twist out for Friday and Saturday.  I took a little bit of castor oil and gel mix on my finger tips as I separated them. You could not tell me anything about this twist out!!
Or my green earrings and green shirt for a St. Pattys Party.   

But then....  Then there was Sunday and Monday hair too- even more picked apart. Even doper.

Looking at these pictures I like it even more.  Alas, it had been 8 days since I co-washed my hair and I was starting to worry about tangles and my scalp, so that was the last day.  As I type I am sitting under the dryer with coils in my hair for a coil out tomorrow.  I finally got to use the tangle teaser I purchased so I'll review it at the beginning of the next post.  In short- I like it- but it's a tool just like my denman.  Good for some things and not for others IMO. 

But as for KMF gel (w/castor).  Winner.  
I'm sorry Eco Styler.  We had a good time together.


  1. The older and more picked out it got, the better it looked...gorgeous!!

  2. You got excellent results with that gel. I just did twists, sort of lazily while working, without using gel. Hmm... perhaps I can work some onto my already finished twists. Ever done that? I do tend to get pretty nice results with SheaMoisture's Deep Treatment Masque, but I don't know that I've ever made it to 8 days on a twist-out.

  3. thanks ya'll.
    @ Shones- I think it could still work- as long as it dries on there to hold the form a little harder before you untwist. It can't hurt- I think. lol. but for real- The soft hold of the KMF is crazy.

  4. your hair looks great!

    i'm still rockin a somewhat teeny-weeny-afro and my mom wants to do a twistout to see how long my hair is. after seeing your results, i'm really looking forward to doing a twist-out on my hair with my castor oil/KMF gel :)

  5. Very nice...I like it a lot!

  6. *making a trip to get KMF gel tonight*

  7. you only have the oil and gel in your hair and that's it? what an inspiration! i'm so tired of piling on so many products. thanks for this.

  8. Oooooh I loved how it evolved, and yes I'm catching up on my blog reading so that's why you keep getting all these comments from me, LOL!!

  9. Love your hair. I am in the military and twists aren't allowed. I can't wait to take some time off so I can try this. Beautiful


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