Monday, April 4, 2011

A few things I love

I am at a transition point with my hair.  It's almost summer, but it's still biting cold on most mornings.  I know I am cutting my hair soon.  In fact, I trimmed about 1.5 inches off already myself lol.  BUT I will be shaping it somehow for the summer.  I just saw this pic by Brianna McCarthy this morning, and I really like the shape of the hair.  I don't have enough in back, but in a few more moths I can approximate it.  It's a long version of my second BC.  I'm pondering.

But meanwhile I have needed to distract from my desire to change my hair, by changing some other things.
Make-up and accessory things.
  • My number one thing this season is- Pearls.  I have a pearl necklace from a wedding I was in years ago and wore it recently on a whim.  It's not white/cream pearl, but more like rose and amber pearls (or this).  I think it contrasted nicely with my hair, and picked up tones from my skin and eyes.  I got compliments and a few glances. I feel it added a subtle "something" lol.  I will be adding more of these pieces to my spring shopping haul.  I always thought the texture of kinky/curly hair to be similar to lace, and we all know that lace and pearls are sexy together :-) 
  • Second, I am still digging lip stains.  Cover girl lip stain to be exact, which I already posed about. With the weather warming it's great to be able to set it and go- throw some gloss on top...  done for 12 hrs.  I want an orange color though- and they don't quite have it.  I'm looking for a similar stain that has what I want.  
  • And then- Green eye liner.  I have hazelish eyes.  Mostly brownish grey, but sometimes they can be a little greenish.  I always used a complementing color (Purple or Orange) to bring out that hue, but I discovered that when I use green I can play up the grayish color pretty well. I want to cut down to two color palates with my makeup- so an orange lip and green eye as my primary day look and then alternate with my purple eye and brown lip.  I usually carry much more than that, and I have a bad habit of not doing my makeup at home but rather at work- if at all.

So what are you ladies looking forward to for spring?


  1. I am most looking forward to wearing skirts and dresses. Once the semester is over, I have some serious sewing plans! I'm also looking forward to sandal weather. I hate wearing shoes. I also received a lot of cool jewelry for my anniversary gifts. I'm hoping to accessorize better/more this spring and summer.

  2. might have to hit up the ol drugstore for those CoverGirl lippies. I'm definitely a lip gloss, soft touch lip, lol. stays on for 12 hours though!? very nice

  3. Palazzo pants, dusting off my sewing machine and wearing my hair lose are a few things I love and am looking forward to. Oh, and dropping 30 pounds!

  4. I'm looking forward to rockin my twist outs with really retro clothes! I am on a serious exercise regiment just trying to prepare my mind and body to get ready for the warm weather. The best part is that my hair is growing out really nice and I'm trying to perfect various ways for my twist outs.

  5. yes@ dresses and skirts!! and no more socks! lol
    I'm loving the retro style infusion as of late too.

    Know what else I've been doing? Green smoothies. Every day. and yard work every week. I'd love to feel more energetic and gain some tone.

  6. Green smoothies! Are you making them with spinach? The hubs and I have been experimenting and it's pretty good. I perfer more fruit in mine so its usually a deep purple color, but his GREEN AS GRASS! Still tasty.


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