Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is your hair did?

I took that up-do out this weekend and did a bunch of yard work on Sunday. I co-washed it, threw on some kinky curly and knot today and went out to eat. I wore a huge bang - typical of me - and gathered the rest into a loose, low, curly puff. I've been wearing it like that ever since. Yesterday we decided to go out- kinda impromptu. I slapped a lil makeup on and wrote my hair and outfit off as a partial loss. lol.

And what do you know... Everyone and they mama were out on a Monday night! lol.

I saw people I hadn't seen in months, met people in person I only knew on the web, met friends of friends and was surrounded by fabulous #teamnaturalhair beauties dressed in the most ethnic and flattering ensembles in the city. DOAh! I want a do-over!

I sooo wish I had my hair out in some huge puffy do-hicky. I got a few complements regardless- people tried to figure out how I had the back part separated (it was just a single plastic pony-holder.) But damn if you can't get caught slipping in DC at any moment!! I want to get a new hair cut asap! I feel I can't wear it out without some manipulation because the shape is now super warped from my year old grown out cut. Bagh! I feel this is all part of a need for more organization and time management.  I have to be ready- to be ready! lol

I did go shopping by the way, and I got a lot more pinky/pastel/girly cut tops and jewelery. "Operation Frillier" is underway. I have to get a few more pieces to be able to make complete outfits on the drop of a dime and I plan to knock those out this weekend in a few more trips. I'm not really a fashionista type- but I'll post some of it here so you can see what I'm going for.



  1. I too hate when I am caught lookin straight busted...lol

  2. did you snap a pic of your 'do? it was probably WAY cuter than you suspected. i applaud you for going out on a monday night period b/c i'm usually ready to DROP after work, lol...

  3. Gosh! Your hair does such similar stuff to mine. I have this downward slope thingy and I've learned to roll with it. So I always look like I'm doing a bang on purpose lol! I agree with the comment above, it was probably cuter than you realized. ;)


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