Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a week! Good day 1 results with ultimate fail

I have been MIA I know.  I have a bunch of posts on deck so hopefully they will all trickle out this week.

I went out a lot the week before last and I was dog tired by the end of the weekend.  This week began on the bottom of that hill and it's taken this long to get back on top of it.  I'm also gardening this year and it is sooo much work.  I'm really excited by the prospect of eating foods I've grown myself though.  I am now growing Kale, Spinach, Collards, Peppers, Lettuce and some herbs.  I have tomatoes and beans and cucumbers waiting to go in the ground in early May.  I spent time after work getting some free pots donated by a woman in the area (yey FreeCyclers!), doing some planting, watering, weeding, cutting grass.  Spider webs and tree jizz in my hair. lol. AND I am at war with the darn squirrels lol.  These are not the ramblings of a fashionable urbanista, and I have been anything but.

Also I'm on a medicine now that requires me to change my diet :-\
I'm all low carb and no sugar now but so far I have not had any side effects.  I'm looking forward to seeing it kick in (PCOS related).

As for my hair and what I can say about it, I'm continuing to grow it out. I wore it out last weekend to a few concerts and I was happy for my curlies.  I can't wait for the warm weather to really take hold so that I can just get on with wash and go season in earnest.  I'm still waiting a month more to cut it though.  I don't see myself freeing up to really create the styles I like to try in the next few months.  So far I am still totally in love with the Kiss My Face gel and I have recently tried mixing it with grapeseed oil.  Pretty successful!

A fail I can mention actually yielded the following photos.  Let's get into that!
I went to Yes Organics at lunch one day and picked up some vegetable glycerin, some marshmallow root, a new bottle of castor oil, and the grapeseed oil.  I already have some flax seed and plan on doing some summer experiments bwahahahaaaa!  But I could not help myself, I broke into everything already except the Marshmallow root.  On Saturday I co-washed and then made a quick mix of castor oil, glycerine, KMF gel, burdock root extract, and pure aloe vera gel (food grade).  It was nice when it was wet and drying, but then it got sticky and a bit greasy.  I had to rinse it by Moday night after some time outside.  It had attracted tons of pollen and who knows what after a jaunt through an old shed digging through dirty planters.

But on Saturday night it was cute and that is when i took these picts.  I'll keep you posted if I come up with any cool mixes.  I know they abound on the web but none I've see offer the wash and go definition I seek.  I think the KMF gel will be the key!

I couldn't decide which I liked best so here's a rack of them! this was at the end of the night when I got home at 2am- Hair completely dry.


  1. Your hair looks great! Love the shape.

  2. Yay for gardening! I just started this weekend with a strawberries, eggplant, and tomato plant (and I've had a basil plant). I love freecycle as can get so many useful things on there! :D

    I need to learn more about gardening though. Is it better to grow tomatoes in May? I got a starter plant and transferred it to a larger pot.

  3. Thanks @CoilyRob and MerelyMarie!
    @Retro Natural. Gardening is awesome, and often a workout too lol. I went to a huge garden center in my area (zone 6/7) and they had warnings to plant the warm weather plants like peppers and tomatoes (and some herbs) after May 9th- all danger of frost has passed. I think it has been warm enough for a few weeks though. I am putting mine out this weekend! I have three starter tomato plants.

  4. Your hair came out great! Good luck with the gardening!

  5. Your hair looks great! Do you think you'll do a video on how to achieve this look?

  6. I love your hair mama!! I saw your highlights on Youtube. Where did you go to get them and to get your cut? I'm in MD.


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