Friday, May 20, 2011

The red rinse hangs on for dear life

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to share these pictures real quick.  I got some good sunny shots of the color that remains in my hair after the red rinse I put in it quite some time ago.  Because the hair I applied it to was so light where the highlights were it seems this rinse is not going to fade all the way out.  Which I am HAPPY about!  lol.  I did not want the demi-blond any more and I rather like the red tone.  I plan to hang onto it while I can and maybe even refresh it some kinda way as the warm weather progresses.

This is day 2 or 3 wash and go hair from using In-Kind leave in with KMF gel and grapeseed oil over it. 

You can see how much it has grown out and how noticeable it is on my previously highlighted ends.


  1. i love your hair and especially your cut ... I'm considering cutting my hair but not sure where to go. Do you mind sharing who cut your hair?

  2. Hey Anon... Thanks! I got it cut at Fiddleheads in DC last year. I see Beth there, and she does a great job :-)

  3. I am completely stalking your blog now!!!! In a very non-harmful way, of course. I am just in awe...and want to ensure I take great care of my lil lady's curls so she can rock em just as well as you do!!!


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